Every Mother's Nightmare
Every Mother's Nightmare
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Carla and her husband Dean fought for custody of Dean's 2 children, Annie and Peter, following the news that they were living with their mother and a paedophile. The children had been damaged beyond repair following their treatment and what ensued was a testing time rebuilding the lives of 2 children and a court battle that would take 2 years to get through. Following the lengthy residency battle, they hoped that all their troubles were over, however, their troubles were only just beginning.....................
Up until this point, my life has been pretty uneventful, the usual ups and downs, had a career, got married, had children etc. In 2009, my husband’s children came to live with us, they had been living with their mother and a paedophile, children’s services had failed to protect them so it was our duty to ensure their safety and step in. What ensued was a two year battle to protect them from a mother, who failed to show them any commitment, and a system that failed to help and caused more damage as this book will tell you. 22nd May 2011 was the day my family’s life changed beyond recognition, due to children’s services failings and their desire to punish innocent people as opposed to protecting children. Unfortunately, what happened to my family is not an isolated incident, as I have found during my research, and many families face the incompetencies and unprofessionalism of children’s services and social workers on a daily basis. I am telling my story for two reasons; to publicise what goes on when children’s services do not do their job properly and to inform people of their rights when dealing with children’s services.
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