Don't Mean Nothin'
Don't Mean Nothin'
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Fasten your seat belt, lock and load, and get ready to read about the most secret unit of the Vietnam War. Discover why and how it was formed, how it planned and conducted its actual operations, and how both its US and indigenous elements fought and died in a covert war that never made the headlines because their actions and employment locations were too classified. Get an insiders look into the most sensitive and classified operation of the entire Vietnam War; a covert raid into mainland China; a Top Secret mission that never came to light, either during or after that conflict! Find out who authorized it and why, and discover how it was planned and executed; and why China never acknowledged that it actually happened. Tag along with a Green Beret Team as they recruit and train 350 Nung Chinese mercenaries to successfully conduct it, and defying off the chart odds when they actually accomplish it! Lastly, uncover why the raid itself was essential in preventing a major escalation of the War; one so dangerous it threatened all of Southeast Asia. And discover why its success prevented a superpower confrontation where all options, including the nuclear one, were on the table!
Moments later, John heard the planes as they started taxiing down the runway to a take off position. The Chinese on the trucks coming up the main road, must have heard them too, because the column started to speed up. When they were less than a hundred yards from the airfield's access road, Johnson gave the order to fire, and his Nungs hit the first four trucks with LAWs. All three of them stopped dead in the roadway when the anti tank rounds hit their engine compartments and exploded, throwing shapnel and metal from the engine everywhere. When they stopped, the rest of the convoy ground to a halt behind them, and Chinese troops started spilling off them seeking cover. Then a gas tank blew, illuminating the entire column and high lighting anyone still standing on the road. John didn’t have to give the order to fire, the rest of his Nungs lit up everybody as soon as they spotted them. Soon, green tracers were flying everywhere as they opened up the Chinese battalion in front of them, knocking down those still on the road like bowling pins. Then one of the Nungs Johnson had borrowed from B Company unloaded on the stalled convoy with his RPD machine gun and the shit really hit the fan. They were in a fight for their lives and they knew it,because there was nowhere to run.
The author is a retired Special Forces Colonel with 28 years of experience in the field. He has honed and practiced these skills both in the field and at the highest levels of government, writing for and briefing one President, a Secretary of State, the Directors of CIA, NSA and DEA and numerous 4 star Generals and foreign officials. He has also planned and participated in several real world sensitive Special Operations and is able to describe and export that experience and emotion into his writing with vivid clarity, stark realism and complete believability. A veteran of three tours in Vietnam, he has six awards for valor and four Purple Hearts. He is a graduate of The Citadel and the War College and is the author of other exciting novels in this genre.

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