The Unusual Diary of Dr. M
The Unusual Diary of Dr. M
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The stories are recollections of incidents which happened over the years. Doctors see peoples as patients but in course of time they become friends. It is specially applicable to family doctors. The family doctors may treat three generations, including grandparents, parents and children. In such a long career as GP they become as if parts of family trees. Many cases they discover the true nature of patients characters that make them simply amazed. They are most ordinary peoples but they show so much compassions so much loves for fellow human beings. Here the author tried to put their stories in his diary and that gave immense pleasure. He had a very talented doctor friend. One day he discovered his friend had been turned in to drug addict and alcoholic due to unfortunate circumstances, which shocked him really hard and he wrote: I waited over quarter of an hour until I heard footsteps coming from downs stairs, soon a middle aged man appeared.
"I am looking for Richie."
"ugh you mean that filthy creature and notorious junky?"
"Do you know where he is sir?"
""Not a clue" he said "
""He disappeared without a trace. Tell me how did you know him? did you lend money?"
""He is my friend Dr. Richard Howarth"
"Suddenly I felt my voice chocked, from deep inside I felt the turbulence of starting 'Monsoon' crossing and blowing my heart, started coming inside my eyes as tears.
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The author here wants to obscure his identity for only reason he does not want to impose any inflated picture of him to the readers of his book. This book is not an autobiography, it is not a literary stunt, but it is definitely unusual. The author a medical graduate from India came to England for higher studies and after that settled here in Great Britain working as a General Medical Practitioner. While working here he met with many people and was entranced realising some of their true natures which are so wonderful and so kind. He treasured their memories in few pages in his diary with great respects. Obviously all of those cases the names and addresses have been changed. There are other pages of diary he had written some episodes of paranormal incidents told by his patient along with some of the experiences of his own and he mentioned in details at the beginning about his opinion. There also names and addresses of those persons have been changed. The author conveys his heartiest respect to all of them. The author stated he wants to believe in God which he has expressed many a times. Please accept this is his own faith. He has got no intention to preach that to anybody. He apologises if that upset anybody. Lastly you readers are the persons to judge whether the author is right person to get your appreciation.

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