Christmas Crib Angel
Christmas Crib Angel
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Death and Loss, are two emotions that painfully remain in our minds and hearts, seemingly forever. The personal sharing of my mother's death reaches through the gentle, loving concepts within Alice's story with a hint of what is to come within the title. What greater source of peace can be offered, especially to children, but also to adults, to visualize little Alice as being sought and brought to heaven by the "bedraggled" little messenger in returning to the Heavenly Father and stands before Him with Alice. Earning her wings and halo leaves room for visualizing preparations for Alice's appointed and loving task by the Heavenly Father to bring her mother's love into the Christmas Crib scene. What greater gift can be offered to children to lead them through the inspiration of this beautiful story, to offer their own gift of love through the depth of their loss. Such a loving and generous gift will be memorialized forever from the beginning of this Christmas story and into the ending.
A few minutes later a tiny angel appeared before the throne eager for his appointed task. "Little angel, we are planning to have a special display at the Christmas Crib on earth this year," Mary explained. "We need a tiny, sweet angel, smaller than you, to welcome my Son on this joyous night. He will be the representative of Heaven, so you must realize that you are on an important mission. Go now, and my Blessing be with you." A few days went by and a bedraggled little angel appeared at Heaven's gate. Peter quickly led him to the Heavenly Father. "I think I have found just the subject for you, my Lord and Mary." "It's a "she" though, not a "he". She is tiny, sweet and lovable." "Why, I think I can guess whom you mean," said Mary. "Her name wouldn't be "Alice" would it?" "Yes, that's right," the angel answered. "How did you know?" Mary smiled. "Heavenly Father, This "Alice" is a perfect subject for our plan." "I have look down from Heaven many times and watched her as she fulfilled her role as mother and wife. Her youngest daughter used to kiss her so often that I think she implanted the two tiny dimples into her cheeks." "So you agree with my choice?" asked the Messenger. "Yes", Mary answered. "It will be an honor for me to have her near my Son. Her motherly heart will be a loving reminder of heaven itself on such a cold night. We shall have to bring her here soon so she can earn her wings and halo before Christmas." And, so it was, that the entire Heavenly Family was at the gates to welcome the sweetest little angel from earth into their Heavenly family.
"Christmas Crib Angel" is an autobiographical story of the shock and sudden loss of the author's loving mother within the weeks before Christmas. Her grieving pours forth within this beautiful story as she keeps the depth of her loss reflected in this heart-warming story of how her little mother was brought to heaven to service the needs of the Heavenly Father. The concepts of the Heavenly messenger seeking for Alice on earth and returning with her to the Heavenly family, as well as in the mental image of her hard work in earning her halo and wings, bring comforting solace to the author's grieving heart. This touching story was written sixty-seven years ago from the silence of her heart and is now being offered to those who have also lost loved ones within the Christmas season, most especially, children. It is the hope of the author that adults and children alike can be inspired to place their own loved one's loss within the Christmas scene forever and receive the precious gift of "peace" as they visit the manger.

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