What the Spirits are Saying
What the Spirits are Saying
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The theme of this book is: The end is near. It is time to repent. Pray for all your relatives and friends to be saved. My Mom, Frances Voth, and I, (Shari Flusche) were called to pray and became prayer partners. In our growth of faith, God revealed to us how praying for people who have died can miraculously take away punishment due to their sins and catapult them into the Glory of God. Spiritual communication, a gift of God, is revealed in this book. Communications include spiritual inspiration from: Elvis Presley, Steve Ervin, Johnny Cash, Jesse James, Tammy Wynette, and Sadaam Hussein.
I asked God why I had to work at this factory when He has called me to pray. That night I had a vision. Something woke me up at 3 a.m. in the morning, yet my eyes were still closed. I saw a large hand with a long white sleeve trimmed in gold. There was a brilliant white light that shone from behind the hand and I knew that this was God's hand because the Bible says he is so bright. "Out of the Brightness of His presence." (Rev. 1:16) Then, I saw hundreds of smaller hands reaching up to God's hand, touching it and grabbing it. It was so beautiful, so intriguing, I wanted to see more, but it faded away.
In 1998, I thought I had the perfect life. I was married, had three beautiful children, a new house to live in, and my own beauty shop to work in. I guess it was pretty good because that is when the devil showed up to ruin it all. God was calling me to pray and boy did I ever! My prayers turned into crying, screaming, and shouting to God, "Why is this happening?" My life was falling apart. My new life in Christ was a lonely one. In 2003, I turned to my Mom, who then became my prayer partner. We started praying together every day and in 2005, God stepped in and blessed us with the gift of the spirit, "communication with spirits". Our spiritual communications included in this book include Steve Erwin, Johnny Cash, Jesse James, Tammy Wynette, and Sadaam Hussein.

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