Chronos Unbound
Chronos Unbound
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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There is one chance to stop the coming crisis, a world war that will lead to the end of civilization and the annihilation of mankind. To bring that message, the son of the future’s most powerful man has used an unreliable technology of his own design to come back twenty years to our time and weave the tale of what is to come. The political and social unrest and the widespread corruption have fostered a dangerous rebellion. Its power is growing already, unnoticed in small towns, arming for a war. Time is against us, now and in the messenger’s time. For us, it is a danger to our way of life and the comparative peace that we now have. For them, it is a question of the survival of the species. A lone reporter holds the key to stopping the crisis with the power of his voice.
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Dr. Theodor Richardson is an author and professor of computer science and information technology. He has written several textbooks on computing and security and writes regular reviews of scientific texts in Choice magazine. A lifelong student of literary works and theater, this is his first full-length fiction novel, integrating science and the spectacular. When he is not adventuring around the world with his fiancée Katherine, he resides in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, with his trusty canine companions Chewbacca and Monkey.

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