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Is there anything too hard for God? Most Christian seem to think there is. We profess that we believe our Big God can do anything. We quote the scripture “If God before us, who can be against us?” But we don’t believe the homosexual can be redeemed. We smell the residue of what they have been through, and our self righteousness assures us that he is still bathing in his vomit. We forget we are all ex-everything in the church, not something…..but everything.. Ex whores, ex-prostitutes, ex pediphilers, and some of us are still stepping in our mess. We sit back and judge those who are struggling to sit at the feet of Jesus and be redeemed. The pages of this book will reveal the miraculous wonder working power of a redeemed homosexual because a Savior chose to die for me… Pastor Roger Ford, the chief of sinners.
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Pastor Roger Ford is the Founder and CEO of the Ford Foundation Outreach Ministry in Chicago, IL. Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ in many capacities while laboring at Faith Tabernacle Church under the leadership of Bishop Ray Llarena. Graduate of GEM Theological Institute. Pastor Ford was licensed in 2001 under the tutelage, fathering and accountability of Dr. Richard and Naomi Roberson and ordained by the Apostle John Carter of Praise In The Earth Institute. Ministerial credentials encompass all capacities in fulfilling the Great Commission. An advocate for the homeless, lighthouse for the sexually abused, intercessor for the downtrodden and broken spirited. In 2003 Pastor Ford was ordained under the ecclesiastical authorization of Apostle, Dr. Shawnette Houghton, Presiding Prelate of the LFC-Apostolic Ecumenical Community of Kingdom Churches and Ministries of which Pastor Ford is a Board Member. A member of the National Association of Christian Ministers, an interdenominational fellowship of professional Ministers. Pastor Ford is an advocate for people living with AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Media appearances include "LifeLine" with Apostle Greg Howse of Cornerstone Christian Center, and the "Dr. Joe Rhoiney Show". Interviewed with "Americans for Truth about Homosexuality", and "Singles Living For Christ". Various speaking engagements pertaining to HIV/AIDS, and transforming Homosexuals.
I read this book and it is amazing!!!I could not put it down. Thank you for sharing your story. I am humbled by it!
Wanted to share the new book of a good friend and fellow Pastor who also came out of "the lifestyle". Congrats Pastor Roger!

Absolutely P O W E R F U L!!
Pastor DL Foster  
This book was one of the best books I have read concerning homosexuality. The author kept the topic interesting and on point. Being someone who has come from this lifestyle as well I truly enjoyed his journey. I was educated about the this that are attached to homosexuality. This book should be used in therapy sessions so that an indivudual will know TRUTH!
Evangelist Julia Johnson 
I finished the book. Pastor Roger blessed my soul! I have to recommend it to those that I know who are struggling. It's not just a book on deliverance from addiction and fornication, but it's a blue print for deliverance from sin of any kind.
Pastor Myron Meredith  
“Redeemed” is a must read for anybody who wants a better understanding of how God’s grace can transform souls from Hell on Earth to redeemed in Christ. As Christians we need to remember our lowest point of self-esteem and how the blood of Christ redeemed and restored us to the life that God planned for us. Sit back and be prepared to be blessed and humbled by the testimony of Pastor Roger Ford. At the end of this read, it is impossible not to hurt for, and rejoice with, Brother Ford! Praise God! Redeemed is a must read and is the end result when we stop judging, start forgiving, and love and trust in God! Eph. 4:30-32
Steve Morse  
This book exposes the truest definition of God's Grace. We serve a merciful God. He loves us just as we are, in-spite of our indiscretions. I'm sure that it's a book will stand as a great tool to help someone find their true value and worth. GOD IS AWESOME! Thank you for the courage to share your life, as God uses you to win souls for Jesus Christ.
Evelyn Irwin 
Reading this book I was able to feel his hurt his pain and his heart. I love this book because it was real . In this book Pastor Roger Ford exposeses homosexuality for what it is . and you wont be able to put it down it is a must read.
This is a book that opened up my understanding and is very powerful. I reccomended that every true believer read it for more encouragement.
valencia carrv 
This is a true testimony of how one can be redeemed from any storm that he or she is living with. Faith is the greatest weapon of all. Pastor Ford tells the story of how faith and deliverance can set us free. This book gave me the understanding of how and why so many souls are struggling with this issue and how the power of faith and deliverance can be the greatest gift one can ever have. This book is a must read for everyone. May God continue to bless you Pastor Ford.
Janet Covington  
i love this book so much. i couldn't put it down. i love how the author was open and honest and let us in to his life. I'm so happy for the change god made in him. I hope there will be another book coming soon.
"IF EACH ONE TEACHES ON"... this was an exceptional well put together book. I Loved it! I was able to share so much of this knowledge with my Bible class. I Thank God for Pastor Ford sharing his life experience.
Patsy E.  
I loved the book was well writen Godly based,loved the Author's honest,and to the point will recommend this book to all my friend
lupe robledo  
An amazing book I'm sure took lots of courage and wisdom from our creator to write.Keep going forward Roger in encouraging others to do the same.
Truly was blessed and delivered reading this book God truly ministered to me all praise and glory to God keep on exposing the devil.
Elaine Brown 

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