The Early Life and Times of Max Hanold
The Early Life and Times of Max Hanold
Perfect Bound Softcover
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A saga from the heights of an Allied Nations' win to the lowly conspiratorial killing of John F Kennedy, Howard Leff has captured an era's essance. When you start reading, you'll want to read thru the night.

John D. Walker, " It’s catching and arouses one’s interest."

Kerry Bost, "This is very exciting to read."

Hermann Nohturfft, "Your great book brings back memories...I cannot wait to read more."

He deliberately tip-toed across the room hoping not to awaken his wife. Max looked out the window surprised by the sight of falling snow and mechanically started unbuttoning his worn white starched shirt. After folding it fastidiously so that he could wear it again, he placed it on the metal chair to the right of their crated-night-table. The coins in his pocket jingled softly as he slid his pants over his brown shoes. The pants were also folded with care and placed on the back of the chair. Slowly sitting down on the edge of the bed, he bent to unlace his shoes and noticed that the soles were once again detaching from the upper leather. Max placed the shoes in front of the chair and thought: one more thing to worry about. His brown cotton socks had been darned before and would undoubtedly have to be patched again. Walking most of the day, Max’s cotton hose lost the scuffle to the worn-out leather. He stared out the window at the winter’s cold wrath and began fidgeting, restless, thinking and worrying.

Awakened by her husband’s slight movements, Bobbi saw his upper frame silhouetted against the two windows on the opposite side of the room. Immediately, she knew by the slope of his shoulders that he was deeply troubled.

“Maxie,” she sighed, “I’m sorry you didn’t have any luck today.”

“Nah,” he said lightheartedly, “Those dumb bastards don’t even know a good man when they see one. All they want is someone who will follow orders and has some experience, not a man who thinks. Please tell me… if I don’t get a job how can I have any experience?”

“I had a dream Max. I just know that tomorrow’s the day you’ll get your break.”

Bobbi did not have a dream about a job for Max. She knew her husband. They had been dating for nearly five months when he popped the question. She didn’t have to think about the reply. They were married one month later in a simple civil ceremony at City Hall and now they had their own space, away from parents, relatives, questions and suggestions on how to live their young lives. She knew how to soothe the beast that swelled in Max every now and then. While motivated and attending College majoring in journalism and languages, he was hard working, hot-headed and overly ambitious. All that he needed was that elusive first chance.

She patted the mattress invitingly. “Maxie, give me a kiss, huh? Please come on to bed. You can’t stay up all night. You’ll be too tired tomorrow.”

“Baby, you stick with me and I’ll give you a house and diamonds and furs. We’ll travel and see the world. We’ll have lots of kids and they’ll all be as beautiful as you are!”

As he uttered the last syllable, Max turned to his wife with a loving heart. His hands brought her soft warm body close to him. Nudging her chin downward, he kissed her on the forehead. They looked at each other. They smiled and then began laughing. They laughed; they loved, for tomorrow would surely be the long awaited day.

Howard Leff spent his entire carrer in the International Transportation business. Travelling to 46 states and over 100 countries, he writes from experieces on the five inhabited continents. An English major and Sociology minor, Howard was graduated from Brooklyn College in New York City where he lived prior to moving to a Houston suburb. His interest in mankind's foibles, culture and spirit are inate, being clearerly discernabile in his adventurous prose.

Book one, of an intended trilogy,is a humanistic American experiences tale encapsulated within the mindset of young Max. The prime character seeks adventure, security and establishing some elements of identity and purpose through his teen years in post WW II’s victory and the emergence of a prosperous powerful USA. Married at twenty, he begins a shipping career and is meticulously duped into assisting a Washington attorney in adventurous sorties to France, Cuba, Germany and elsewhere. The agitation, espionage and struggles of the fifties and early sixties are interwoven amidst a conspiratorial mêlée between Washington, D.C., Castro's socialistic society and the Soviet oligarchy. The saga contains numerous ethical references that highlight the hero's compassion for those oppressed is entwined with the early American Black effort; striving for equality.

Leff lives with his wife, Barbara Ann and their She-Tzu, Lucee, in a tranquil, hot and humid area of the Lone Star state. He and Barbara are the proud parents of two children and five marvelous grand-children.


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