Gone Before Midnight
Gone Before Midnight
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Disillusioned and cynical about womankind, Armant Snow is sent to investigate the presence of ominous demons in the city of Victoria. His fate is soon intertwined with a girl, Claire Forster, he meets at a club. He discovers that, wherever she goes, the demons follow. Armant is left with no other choice but to take her before they do. Seeing nothing special about her, he cannot fathom why the dark demons are after her. He is angry his mission now includes a woman, and the mystery surrounding her only deepens. Claire Forster lives with an abusive boyfriend after she was raised in an orphanage. Now she finds herself captured by Armant. Claire is introduced to a world beyond her own, subtly drawing Armant toward her. What Armant doesn’t realize is, it’s not only him and the demons that are drawn to her. Someone else is also out there watching, waiting . . . Gone Before Midnight is another spellbinding novel by I. Grobler that will grip the reader until the end.
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Born in South Africa, 1987, I. Grobler grew up in a small town, the youngest of three sisters. Since she could remember her mother had taken her and her sisters to the small town library, where they spent hours reading books. “I loved the feeling of the old library, the touch of paper, and the smell of books. I have since then dreamt of writing my own stories that people could fall in love with.” She is married and currently working on her third book.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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