The Physics of Manifestation
The Physics of Manifestation
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Manifestation is the process which transforms thoughts into reality. Many have written about manifestation and many have successfully applied it within their lives. The Physics of Manifestation provides a scientific explanation for how manifestation works and how the energy of concentration can be focused to transmit signals to remote sites. This book shows how different thought patterns, driven by underlying intelligence, can be used to manipulate probability. The theory is described with a precise mathematical format.
The rather interesting thing about manifestation is that it points to the extreme connectivity of reality. This follows because in order for a thought sequence to finally manifest, it has to be transmitted at various frequencies through the network of channels created by the different interactive systems within reality. Furthermore, successful manifestation has to compensate for arbitrary disturbances of the thought signal as it propagates. A thought begins in the imagination. For purposes of consistency, we identify conceptual thought as imaginary thought. Consequently, we connect thought within the imagination to energy within reality. From this perspective, we see thoughts as existing within the imagination and manifestation as the process by which thoughts travel from the imagination to reality.
The author Louis Houston is currently a research scientist at the Louisiana Accelerator Center at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and has been in academia for eighteen years. Prior to academia, the author was a research geophysicist for Exxon. He has three degrees, including a PhD in physics from Rice University in Houston, Texas. His work has been focused on imaging problems in seismic theory, but currently involves applied mathematics. The author has a diverse range of interests which include painting and music. In both of these areas, the author has worked professionally. He has a strong interest in quantum mechanics and information theory, but also has interests in philosophy, including Eastern philosophy. The author has always treasured the pursuit of knowledge and the support of family members and close friends. Communication is considered to be very important and is a primary motivation for writing. The author lives in Youngsville, Louisiana and commutes regularly to Lafayette, Louisiana to work and to visit his mother. He has two sisters and maintains a close relationship with both. Music is an important factor. When he is not listening to music, the author entertains himself on guitar. He has personally produced several CDs of original music.

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