Greenbacks and Scams by Iza Poor
Greenbacks and Scams by Iza Poor
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Greenbacks and Scams by Iza Poor is an illustrated journey about the dreams of a retiree, a banker, a charity, and a smooth and slick investor who promises all their dreams will come true. It is an adventurous story of a New York socialite who lost all her money in a New York minute. What??? No money!!! Iza…Iza Poor???
Once upon a time in a high rise apartment not so far away, New York actually, lived a socialite. A young woman who spent her days shopping at the finest stores, donating her time and money at elite charity functions, and entertaining friends with expensive champagne during fine dining luncheons. Yet, her most treasured moments were happily spent in her splendid closet. Her closet was filled with hundreds of whimsical hats, designer shoes and perfect purses to match. Tailored suits, pretty dresses and designer jeans. Sweaters, blouses, skirts and twenty-six pink designer T’s. Yet, it was her jewelry that created her magnificent look. The white pearls, the pink pearls, the black pearls! The white diamonds, the pink diamonds, the black diamonds! The finest gold, the white gold, and the platinum were only naming a few. A girl can never have enough jewelry, she thought. The brilliance of her chandelier shined on all her great stuff! What more could a girl want? Once upon a time in a penthouse not so far away, eighteen floors up actually, lived Ponzi. A smooth and slick investor who promised his clients ‘too good to be true’ returns on their investments. Friends, family, investors, retirees, bus drivers, and charities are just naming a few. Promises of wealth, financial security, and all their dreams will come true. But something went wrong! Wrong!! Wrong!!! And now that brilliance of her chandelier burnt out, yet it fits perfectly in Iza Poor’s gold painted cart!
Elle Ward conceptualized Iza Poor™ during the country’s 2008 financial meltdown that ultimately led to her own meltdown. A meltdown of this and that and all her money. Her up and coming career in finance dwindled downward, so did her savings, her credit cards, her home, and all she was left with…was stuff. Stuff that was sold on consignment, stuff that was sold on EBay and Craigslist, stuff that was pawned, stuff that was bartered, stuff that went into storage, stuff that meant something to her, stuff that she worked so hard for only to sell for pennies on the dollar. Hmmm…pennies on the dollar. Sound familiar? Bernie Madoff and his ponzi scheme, maybe? It’s all about the stuff! Her career provided the means to buy stuff. The credit cards bought more stuff. The savings account couldn’t pay off all the stuff. And the home just hoarded the stuff. Stuff is highly overrated! The stuff that really mattered was the stuff that money couldn’t buy. Stuff like a treasured chest filled with family and friends, all of whom opened the doors to their homes, the doors to their refrigerators, and the doors to their hearts. Stuff like cherished friendships who believe…dreams do come true. She resides here and there in Orange County, California and her stuff is still in storage.

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