Hell in Rezta
Hell in Rezta
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Shana’s life wasn’t nothing. It just took her father to kill her for her to understand that. But in death, she found life, love, and pain. Now Shana must face the truth about her life, the secrets that were kept, the battles she must face, and the power she must control.
When you have nothing in the world, what do you have to lose when you hear a voice telling you to let go of life and there’s nothing you can do? Do you simply fight it or welcome it? There are some like me who no longer have that choice; I can never have that choice because I’m already dead and in a different world. When you think you’re alone with no one around, do you dream of different worlds, of different lives? I did, and now I wish I never had.
My name is Amy Flashman. I started this book when I was fourteen years old. I wrote this book around my school work but I wanted to write it as a release, a way of coping with the work I guess. I actually went to Edgbarrow School. Sadly there was no Jamie, all the characters are fictional, but there was a scary amount of sporting activities. I live in Crowthorne—an unusual name but a nice place. I spend my time on the gorgeous heath. That was what inspired some of the scenery. I used to love climbing trees. That’s where I got the feeling for tree climbing, but I stopped after I heard my best friend fell out of one and landed on her butt on solid concrete! Julia Elizabeth Manning you are the best! My friends did inspire some of the characters; Mia especially wouldn’t have her edgy temper if it wasn’t for one of my friends. Miss Golhar I am talking about you. Jess and Phoebe, I thank you for my addiction to Doctor Who.
all the action, drama and teenage romance in this book kept me hooked! well written and excellent plot line, would definitely reccomend

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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