The Arab Spring
The Arab Spring
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This is a book of fiction that tells the story of normal people living in the Middle East region and their struggles and attitudes during the wars, their passions and aspirations for a normal life, and their adaptation to the social and political changes. It is also a story of prohibited passions complex traditions and the big challenge for these families they need to face seeking a peaceful and honorable life.

Samia a Moslem divorced woman made a difficult choice to runaway with a Christian Lebanese Farid so that she won't be forced to return to her old husband who used to humiliate her and beat her. They flew to the US where they started a family. She tried to convince Farid to change his religion but he insisted on his religion and they had a civil marriage and she tried to adjust to the American Life without losing her faith and choice as a Moslem woman.

Meanwhile, Nizar her ex-husband couldn't bare the humiliation that was imposed on him by the escape of his wife with his assistant. He moved to Syria promising that he wouldn't marry again and gave the responsibility for his sister Jamila to give an heir. She marries an Alawi acquaintance and started helping her brother until she took over the family business. She gave birth to a boy and a girl.

After Nizar's death, the two families make contact again to solve out the inheritance of a piece of land that was in the name of both Nizar and Samia.

Farid visits Lebanon with his second son Tarek to solve the issue and Tarek makes friendship with three College boys a Christian Lebanese, A Palestinian Moslem and a Siite Moslem Lebanese. He also fallas in love with a Moslem Lebanese Lady at the University and he tries his luck hoping that he will succeed like his mother and father has done. His relationship was affected by the political and civil war situation where he spent his time in and out of Lebanon according to the war conditions.

In 1976, he returns to Lebanon and he invites his three friends for dinner to make peace among them when the Syrian Army captures them at one of the check points and they meet the hospitality of the Syrian Regime and its brutality.

Farid who became a Congressman uses his contact to free the four young men from the Syrian prison and they stay at Jamila's house in Syria where they met their children Salah who was a war hero of the 1973 war with Israel and Mirvet Jamila's daughter who fell in love with Tarek.

Jamila has to defend and protect her family and agrees to marry her daughter off to one of the General's sons of the Syrian regime after she was threatened for retaliations in case she refused. To save her daughter from her brutal husband she seduces her son-in-law to keep him away from her daughter and induces him to consume drugs.

As time passes the families and friends mingles more adjusting themselves to the changes in the region trying to live as normal as possible and protecting the existence and beliefs and trying to solve the life complications.

They continue living and involving with each other until the winds of change in the Arab World begins and the Arab Spring knocks at the door of Lebanon and Syria.

Julien Anders was born in Lebanon and lived there until 1990. He immigrated to Brazil to work as an international business operator. In 2011, he accepted the opportunity to start a business in the United States and write his first book on the war and the latest revolutions in the Middle East.

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