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This book is for anyone who has ever wanted to be a park ranger, forester or wildland firefighter. At the ripe old age of 30 I ask for help to grow up. You will read about problems and solutions, illness and healing. I have written this book because I believe my experiences are interesting. I believe you will be interested too.
I'm in my rocking chair taking a break from housework. A voice in my head tells me, "We are a team of telepaths contacting you to rehabilitate you. The reason for this training is you are a rogue sender. Every sensation you experience you send to the people around you disrupting their concentration and lives. The first step is you have to stop having sex." I can't believe this is happening. I wait. The voice comes again. "Do you understand?". I'm angry. I speak out loud pretending this is a normal conversation. "No one tells me what do do about sex."
My name is Kevin and I am 59 years old. I have a bachelor and masters degree. These stories are based on my life even though they are fiction. I feel my life has been and is interesting. I live with my Mom in Little Rock, Arkansas. I am one of Mom's caregivers.
This was a very interesting very short read. This book was written in a narrative and there is little interaction with the other characters in the stories. What I felt was missing from this was feeling. We hear what the main character, Jane, is experiencing and feeling but we aren't shown her feelings. It is written like a diary/journal.

The stories within Stories were all very interesting. We get to see all the different jobs Jane has dealing with wild fires. The abusive behavior of her supervisors, her experience starting a taxi service, and eventually the mental stress of work and abuse.

Overall this was a good book.
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