The Soul of the Black Butterfly
The Soul of the Black Butterfly
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The Book of Psalms; written by David and other Psalmist expresses and releases their heart while giving God praises. The Author of this book has chosen to share her life through written psalms of her own. She has released from her very soul words of healing, words of enlightenment, words of truth and hope; while giving God Praise. As you read these metamorphic words of poetry you may find a shadow of your own soul. Perhaps you have found yourself faced with situations in life that has caused you to doubt the very hand of God. From her dark experiences The Soul of the Black Butterfly has bought a light of understanding to many of life's situations we face today. Whoever said the life of a Believer was going to be an easy journey? Contrary to what many hope for, this book portrays the life of a Christian is not always so easy; choices and decisions are not always clear, yet must be made. In John 16:33 Jesus makes a promising opposing statement. "...In the world you shall have tribulations..." This passage conflicts with what we care to hear; after all, before we came to Christ, most of us had been beaten down by life's mishaps already. This writer has been no exception to the many test and trials of life. In this book the Author boldly reveals how she has stood the promised persecutions and the many afflictions (Ps 34:19, 2Tim 3:12) of life. In spite of the opposing statement of Christ, the completion of John 16:33 GIVES US HOPE for Victory from life's promised trials and tribulations... and so it is with these written psalms. This freed butterfly has lived her poems and now shares her Glorious Praises and Lessons Learned with you in poetic psalms and mini-stories.
And the tongue is a fire, a word of iniquity: So is the tongue among our members, that it Defiles the whole body, and sets on fire of hell James 3:6 DEFEATISM AND CRITICISM I have given my whole life to my children's raising I've never had the time to deal with my own up-bringing I still have wounds that I have placed band-aids on These wounds remind me how I too have been torn I have tried not to become disgusted With all of life's dreams being busted I wrestle with "defeat" in my head Because of "words" that have been said Whoever said "words don't hurt" Switches, sticks and stones They tried to break my bones But their words are like dirt They stick down in the crevices of your mind And gnaw at your very soul for all of time "Life and death" are in the power of one tongue It can free or bind anyone Pain oozes from yet open wounds Like words that play back from a song ending too soon I must move past the "Critics" somehow For I am so far behind the desires of the One to whom I bow For sure someone without the wounds I bare Could step into my life and make it "fly" like wings on air I know My Father, has not dealt me a bad hand I just never know what card to play or when to stand This perplexity in my head keeps me in doubt Not having one to lead Keeps me in contempt and tossed about A hand full of cards For a game that seems too hard Pulled from a single deck I am left only to expect....They all can't be bad Though this hand has only made me sad Even when I study long The card I pick still Winds up being wrong Or it's always just a little too late Too many mistakes to ever make straight Too late to pray for His loving Grace Defeatism and Criticism plaques my soul My open wounds claim control How can I win... With a hole that constantly pulls me in I Pray every day to acquire the King of all Hearts That's the One –Wild "Card" that can give me a clean start For the hand He holds has slaughtered Defeatism..... ........____________________________________________......... DOES HE REALLY CARE DOES HE REALLY CARE Where is Jesus when all goes wrong He promised to never leave us along Yet No matter how much you Trust in God's shinning light There are times in life When nothing seems to go right We walk by faith and not by sight The battle is won but yet we fight Yes there are times when our faith is dim The war that we face is depressing and grim When all hell is breaking loose in our life Where is God with the Victory from the fight We stand on God's statues and His laws Yet there are times "Murphy" has us against the wall .......___________________....... .......____________________________________________......... Upon an instrument of ten strings, And upon the psaltery; upon the harp With a solemn sound. For thou, Lord, Hast made me glad through thy work: I will triumph in the words of thy hands. Psalms 90:3-4 "THE SOUL OF THE BLACK BUTTERFLY" Heartaches! Troubles! Sickness and Pain! Trials! Tribulations, again and again! Tossed about! Kicked around! Ridiculed... And kicked to the ground So many Tears! Too many Fears! Yet she smiles, from ear to ear... In spite of all she goes through The Soul of the Black Butterfly In anticipation, She soars to You. Within Her Soul, She finds the Joy... That she's so graciously been given to employ Yes, the sound of the music down in Her Soul Heals and sooths and makes Her whole The rhythm of the drum, motivates Her to run Mountains! Valleys! Deserts and Hills! Rivers! Storms! Dark clouds She feels Ostracized! Criticized! Mutilated! Accused! Abused! "Deleted", after being Used Yes, these are the forces that try to hold Her down In spite of these life's oppositions The Soul the Black Butterfly reaches for her culmination She rises and writes Her own composition For the sound of the music down in Her Soul Heals and sooths and makes Her whole The Rhythm of the Drum Motivates her to continue to run All that I now encounter, I know is by Your Hand Many have come to destroy Your plan Yes, they try to divert my course But the rhythm of the drum beats with force Within my Soul I feel the strength Of the Butterfly Wings!!! I feel the Rhythm that causes me to sing!!! But now, Your Hand... Your Hand seems to have stopped me It seems You have closed every door! Though You have only caused me To become determined... More determined than ever before! With my back against the wall...! I'll stand! I'll stand still in the storm! I'll walk through the valley tall!! Yes I'll stand! I won't move! I won't move off the wall!!! No! No! I can't, I won't fall! Within my Soul I feel the Butterfly Wings...! The music that I hear tells me it's almost spring!! At the drummer's beat! I feel new movement in my feet! But now what...!? Why? Why must you be so cruel!? You've bent me to my knees! You've caused me to empty self, for You! There's nothing left, within this shell... That would hinder me, to rise and prevail!! ......._________________________________
Rasheeda J Brown; as many women wears many hats. Her hat of Mothering, Teaching and her retired Nursing skills is the unction from the one notable hat she wears as a Minister of God's-Love. For 35 years Rasheeda has strived to perfect her walk with Christ. She has come to one conclusion; "to Serve in Faith with the unconditional Love of God" is a true Christian's walk. Her salvation is not a religion; her relationship with God is not hard, `it is' her way of life. To God be the Glory...Amen/Amen Her given name (Henrietta AJ Steward) did not depict who she was. With God's guidance, through many challenging, metamorphic trials and tribulations, she has found her place in life. Unbeknown to her, God had already ordained her life's purpose. In 1985 she was enlightened to her God-given name Rasheeda: meaning; a righteous guide-an Angel. Aka: Ladybrown; Founder and President of her nonprofit Out-Reach Ministry: "God's Connectors Inc.," God has shown her, her ability to serve others. An Angel she has been to many; while Connecting God's people to his out stretched hand. Incredibly as it is, while she had been an angel to many; this wingless angel was broken. Like a broken winged butterfly that had been pulled from its cocoon too soon, she was destined never to fly. She lived years in a dark cocoon God's-hovering-Grace, where she studied the word of God and herself, receiving healing from life's hurts and VOP. Finally, the Divine-healing of her wings came in the summer of 2010. Now, she looks forward to soaring higher in Christ everyday...! This book of psalms is her story. As you read she promises Enjoyment, Comfort, Hope, Peace, Increased Faith, perhaps a little tear shedding but for sure Enlightenment into your own Butterfly Soul.

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