"where to is fro and up is down, and every square is perfectly round"
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When Severino's children were quite young, he loved to read them bedtime stories, the most favorite series was that of Dr. Seuss. From "Green Eggs and Ham" to "If I Ran the Circus", the stories were indelibly etched in both father's and child's heart and mind. Besides the incredible story lines and characters, Seuss' use of the poetic meter, anapestic tetrameter, resonated with so many. Writing into the wee hours one evening, and inspired by such a uniquely gifted and creative author, Severino conceived of SLAMINA, a fantasy world of animals and critters, engaging in all sorts of fun and mischief, written in the meter of Seuss. For those that missed it, SLAMINA is "animals" spelled backward, and carrying this theme through, all the characters in SLAMINA carry "emordnilap" or "backwards" names, such as SURLAW, the walrus, and ALLIROG, the gorilla. And besides the names, even behaviors and elements are generally backwards, such as fish do fly, birds do swim, waterfalls actually "rise", the grasses are blue and the skies are red. For the enjoyment of all ages, thread through the chapters are contemporary references, such as Jimi Hendrix, iPhones, and Google. Lastly, besides bringing a lyrical smile to the reader's face, there are occasional subtle messages of learning and values, just to keep the mind engaged. So, welcome to a world "where to is fro, and up is down, and every square is perfectly round".
Yonder we see the wheel called Ferris In Slamina we are, yet not quite in Paris. The tower is nigh, the wheel a trifle. Will we circle on high, as high as the Eiffel? So Yeknom and buds embark on this round, 'specting views from the pews as they move off the ground. But the wheel is for real, off the pin did it unhitch It starts rollin, like a bowling ball, towards a dirt ditch Faster the caster, the round hits a spud Shooting Yek like a speck, and his buds in the mud. Covered in goo, sitting splat in the cake They wonder what happened, then laugh at their fate.
Severino (aka S.A. Cinelli) is an eclectic poetic, both kinetic and arithmetic, whose background lies primarily in the world of banking and finance. A second generation banker, Severino spent his career creatively financing the future for emerging companies, and was early in the blending of finance with technology. Over the last six years, he has taken up writing, authoring articles, papers and books on topics ranging from financial technology, banking, politics and religion, socio-economic evolution, and emerging markets. An active traveler, he has enjoyed chronicling about places and experiences, observations and conversations. And music has forever been a favorite personal passion, whether blues or rock, classical or jazz, opera, reggae or hip hop, propelling him to produce musical benefits to support music education in the schools, and even writing a musical theatre piece that one day may see the stage. Severino was raised in San Francisco, and currently still resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. His greatest accomplishments are counted on three fingers, namely his incredible children, "Nickster", "Coco" and "Punky", for whom this series is dedicated.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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