“Evil but Blessed?”
“Evil but Blessed?”
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“Evil but Blessed?” is a tale of innocence, both stolen and surrendered. It is a graphic tale of cause and effect, filled with colorful individuals, and demonstrating the consequences of bold action. “Evil but Blessed?” is a true story of a young entrepreneur’s real life experiences. Tony gives a meticulous and explicit account of real women and their actions. In “Evil but Blessed?” Paradise, Tony’s youngest daughter, provides readers with the events that led to Tony’s former lifestyle and offers personal trials and heartaches that attributed to his choices. Some say his choices transformed him into a monster, but is that true? At the onset, Tony is a hopeful young man, attempting to live on the straight and narrow. After overcoming disappointment and failure, he decides to divert his energies in an emotionally defensive and industrious direction. Women such as Gwen, Louise and Vicky, provide both linkage and reasoning to the path taken by Tony. While experiencing Tony’s journey, readers will learn about the power of persuasion, youthful naivety, and the value of personal reflection of a lifetime, now through mature eyes. Readers will depart from this narrative feeling the force of loves lost, options weighed and time irrecoverable. In the end, Tony must suffer the harsh reality of regrets materialized during the process of evolving into a fully developed man. The losses are countered by the gains of wisdom accrued from life and its painstaking lessons.
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Tiffani Hunt, better known as Paradise, is a 26- year-old author who acquired the desire to produce literary works in 2007. She attributes her inspiration to her intriguing family as well as her own personal life experiences. Currently attending Cleveland State University, Paradise aspires to produce films, scripts, adult novels and cartoons. Her love for children has enabled her to create several colorful and engaging children books for young readers. We can expect a multitude of compelling prose from Paradise in the future. She is in the preliminary stages of a literary journey that will take readers on an expedition that will last a lifetime.
This is a good book, I counld'nt put it down. The fact that it is a true story is very interesting. The ending is funny,sad and loving all at the same time. I can't imagine how Tony is feeling. They need to come together somehow and discuss alot before its to late.From reading the book i'm sure everybody view Tony as being evil but I understand that he has wisdom know. I think he's blessed and ?????? at the same time, thats weird. I dont want to say evil but the way he lived turned him into who he is.His lifestyle has had to put a major impact on his 5 daughters lives. I wonder what he think about that?

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