What I've Done
What I've Done
To Remain In Teaching
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"What I've Done" is a collection of experiences that the author has encountered in his part time employment. They involve coaching, constructing items for the landscape, a summer of educational experiences for the physically handicapped. The challenges of the written word plus the desire to impose our way of life.
Cabin We decided to find out why we had experienced excessive talking in the girl’s cabin long after they had been sent to bed. I informed counselors, both male and female alike, that talking in their cabins long after dark would be a punishable offense. I walked down to the girl’s cabin from the dining hall. As I approached the cabin, I could hear laughter, singing and conversation. I was aware that in complete darkness, the campers were thoroughly enjoying themselves. I did not turn the lights on as I entered the cabin. I wanted to see if I could assess what was happening in total darkness. Lo and behold: Our blind camper, named Maria, was reading to her cabin mates a story from a book printed in Braille. What could I say? I still become choked up every time I have a vision about that evening. What I had experienced was a pure expression of “love for your fellow man”.
The Intention of this book are to give the reader some knowledge about what jobs the author held on a part time basis to support his family and remain in teaching. He was well versed in the fields of horticulture, masonry, and carpentry. The text also envelopes the field of education and its commitment to the growth of young adults. The book also touches on the camping experiences of physically handicapped children and their ability to adjust to a new environment. It also acknowledges some of the ills of our society that still persist to this day with suggestions as how to correct them.

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