The Trench Coat Killer
The Trench Coat Killer
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Something is happening in the small town of Blackford, Indiana, that no one expected. Not just death, but brutal killings, and the criminals are still out there. At the same time, mysterious strangers renovate an old house and are welcomed to the neighborhood. Now the people of Blackford are beginning to wonder if there is a connection between all of these strange events. Who will survive The Trench Coat Killer?
Jodie heard a noise from behind him. He turned around without seeing anything. When he turned back around, the slim figured lady had vanished into the dark. Jodie walked around the block and noticed the old church was lit up, so he checked the time on his watch and noticed it was now 2:22 a.m. He started wondering why the church was lit up at that time of the morning, especially without any cars in the parking lot. He decided to go into the old church, and as he opened the heavy bamboo door, it made a loud squeak. He walked in and the door slammed shut. He looked around the old church, trying to find someone; however, he did not see anyone. As he was about to leave, he heard a loud scream come from the back office. He walked towards the back office and opened the bamboo door.
Michael Bloodwell was born in Cincinnati, Ohio then moved to Texas then moved to Indiana in 1985. Since that time he has been exploring the small towns as well as the rural areas that make up the Hoosier state. Writing is his lifelong passion and he finds excitement in developing new ideas as well as telling the story from a perspective he hopes is new and different for his readers.

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