Molly Finds a Family
Molly Finds a Family
Saddle Stitch Softcover
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Blending lives together is an art, and animals have a sensitivity to the people with whom they share their lives. A young puppy sets out on an adventure to find a family, wondering what else is yet to be discovered.
Molly was sniffing around in the bushes. She was hungry. When she looked up, she saw a pretty lady pushing a baby in a stroller. Molly had never seen such a thing before. She followed them home. The lady spoke kindly to her and stopped to pet her. The baby laughed when she saw the puppy. The puppy wondered if this might be a good family for her. At her house, the pretty lady gave the puppy water and a hot dog to eat. She even had a nice doghouse waiting in the back yard for Molly. She put some towels and an old pillow in the doghouse. The puppy crawled into the doghouse and took a long nap. When the lady's husband came home, he went outside and played with Molly. He threw the ball. This time Molly knew to bring it back to him right away. They had a good time playing in the back yard. The puppy liked this place. Maybe this was the family for her.
Over a dozen animals have directly affected Sandra Doering's life. Now, as a mother and an educator, she writes with empathy from the animal's point of view, and with the knowledge of how children think and read and react.

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Saddle Stitch Softcover
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