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The book of acts is called the acts of apostles because the Holy Spirit spoke and worked with them. In the book of acts we see Prayer intensity, the Holy Spirit instructions and the word of God impact. The book of acts is the book of World Apostleship and Discipleship. Whatever the apostles accomplished in the book of acts it was the Holy Spirit who worked with them. Thus is why world apostleship is Holy Spirit special work. When we talk about world apostleship and discipleship, we are talking about the Holy Spirit at work with men and women. The Holy Spirit has special work today!
In World Apostleship book, you will learn that World apostleship is for today. It may be a new term to some people but not to God and those who love his work. In World Apostleship book, you will learn seven meanings of world apostleship and receive the discipleship you need. World Apostleship is the work of God and is done by God himself. Christians and ministers of the gospel may emphasize public worship, personal discipleship, church fellowship, financial stewardship but God want you also to know World Apostleship (I call it WA).
I have written World Apostleship with one aim to introduce to you the special work of the Holy Spirit.  The apostles knew their call and work well in advance in Acts chapter one before the Holy Spirit came upon them and they received the power of God. God made the apostles to know witnessing, ministry and world apostleship. You too can know these three key words and be successful in your modern culture and the 21st century.
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Benjamin Maira is divinely called, empowered and sent by the Lord. A minister of the gospel set forth by the Holy Spirit. Pastor Ben is a founder of Sent One Ministries and Set Minster Chapel. His purpose is world cause of the Lord Jesus Christ and to witness his Name.

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