Second Career Volunteer
Second Career Volunteer
a passionate, pennywise approach to a unique lifestyle
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Worried about finances? Savings and 401k reduced? How about volunteering at organizations that offer free room and board in exchange for workplace or hobby skills? This is reality. All you need do is get there! You choose the destination, the hours, and your responsibilities within a multi-cultural, multi-generational community of like-minded colleagues giving to the greater good. All this, within your budget. Come join me!

Second Career Volunteer: A Passionate, Pennywise Approach to a Unique Lifestyle offers:

How-to find organizations that offer free room and board in exchange for your skills.
How-can college grads find employment and gain experience while remaining independent.
How-to prepare for retirement with travel on a budget.
How-you-can downsize via the 3 R’s … Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.
How-to have your fun and free food too!

Chapter Six Pleasure and Treasure

Spiritual tranquility... The mystical sapphire surface mirrors lingering tufts of cottony clouds and ragged evergreen branches as dawn comes to Crater Lake. Caldera and creatures welcome fingers of warmth as sunbeams reach over mountain ridges. I sit on the edge of Sun Notch rim overlooking the Phantom Ship, my knees drawn to my chest, eyes closed. As the morning warbler sings, I allow my psyche to absorb the soothing powers of this magical place.

Some of the pleasures of volunteering are as obvious as looking at a waterfall, or a crystal blue lake, or wildlife, offering an immediate impact of awe and excitement. Others may be invisible—at first.

Unexpected pleasures are usually subtle, surfacing as a chance encounter with a stranger who extends a welcome, or a detour which delays you from reaching your destination but provides you with a sunset you remember long afterward.

Whether alone or with someone else, wherever you are, pay attention to the moment, and take time for the unexpected. Stop to savor a deep breath as an eagle flies overhead. Notice the wingspan and the white head, how nonchalantly it soars. Slow down to enjoy a moment in the mountains, the first glimpse of a city skyline, a roadside break alone or with fellow travelers. Live as though you are not quite finished with life. Age hands us this privilege. No matter how many years we have accumulated, there is still much to do. The alternative allows plenty of time to rest.

Work is a state of mind, an attitude. Ideally, work and play should be compatible, and sometimes they are, but it does take effort. The work world is changing, accommodating flex time, becoming less rigid about family responsibilities and gender roles. All this is good. And with extended life expectancies, there are more opportunities to exercise one’s skills. Strive to be mentally alert and continue to maximize levels of energy via physical activity. A choice to volunteer during retirement does all this and, in the process, offers the entire world to investigate. The secret is in the planning…

They say “write what you know”. In Second Career Volunteer, Barbara M. Traynor describes her volunteer retirement lifestyle in detail, the how-to and what-not-to, positives and negatives, pleasure and treasure. She should know. She has been living this lifestyle for six years! In July, 2005, after working as an Administrative Assistant for over forty-five years, she retired. In August, she drove 8,000 miles to Alaska to volunteer at a small college for a year. Since then, Barbara has been a long-term, long-distance volunteer at a wildlife refuge in Florida, a Heifer International learning center in Arkansas, a high school for children of the Pueblos in Albuquerque, and a park interpreter at Russell Cave National Monument in Alabama . Along the way she was asked so many questions about what she was doing that she decided to write a book.

Enjoy her experiences, along with in-depth interviews of other volunteers who wish to remain active and involved, as they contribute their workplace skills to organizations who supplement their staff with volunteers. Since Barbara’s only income is Social Security, she seeks out organizations that offer free room in board. “That is the beauty of this lifestyle”, she says, “you choose your destination, time-line, and responsibilities. All I have to do is get there!” While others may have more disposable income, this book offers options to those whose incomes have been hard-hit by the recent financial crisis or to those who simply wish to be more frugal, curtailing their financial footprint. College grads who are looking for employment can remain independent while adding to their resumes. The unemployed may find options in gaining new skills, working without the burden of paying room and board. Volunteers teach, learn and work among a multi-generational, multi-cultural community of like minded individuals. It is a win-win for all involved.

Second Career Volunteer, a pennywise, passionate approach to a unique lifestyle shows all how to be creative and compassionate, getting-out-and-giving-back while not breaking the bank.


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