The Monkey and The Rainbow
The Monkey and The Rainbow
Saddle Stitch Softcover
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Have you ever looked at a rainbow and wanted to have one of your own? Monkey did, and in this book we follow him as he learns about rainbows, and tries to catch one to keep.
He was climbing and sliding, swinging and hiding; There were plenty of puddles he had no problem finding. In the middle of playing something bright caught his eye. He looked at this marvel way up in the sky. It was big, it was bright, and had colors galore. What was this strange object, he must find out more.
The middle child in a large family of eight, Erinn always loved to write. From an early age he could be found with a pen and paper in his hand coming up with some silly story to amuse his family. As he grew up he began to work more closely with children and his love for them grew. Now at twenty five he would like to give back to them some of the joy that they have brought into his life. He hopes to do this by using his passion for writing to bring to life lovable characters for children to enjoy and learn from.
Reading this book to my kids was a great joy.They loved the book. They make me read it to them every night.
Shara G. 

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