Some Things To Know About Marriage Before You Have A Wedding
Some Things To Know About Marriage Before You Have A Wedding
And After Too
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This book deals with many of the real issues that will happen in most relationships, such as, dealing with blended families and in-laws. When things change in your life. Marriage is worth it but it is WORK, because happy does not just happen. Having talks about SEX: past activity & present appetites and the two issues that cause many of the problems in most relationships: money and communication. These tools and principles being based on his 30 years of being married, over 30 years of ministry and dealing with couples in personal consultation, teaching in workshops and seminars. Also a special survey, taken exclusively for this book, of couples married from 2-22 years that asked them, what are some things that they wish they knew before they were married?
Are You Prepared or Just Ready? There have been times when my wife and I may be going out and when it is time to leave I'll say something like, It's time to go are you ready? and she will reply yes, all I have to do is…I would say, if you have to do something else then you are not ready!!! I have since learned to think that and not say it. What I have derived from this, is that there is a difference between being ready and prepared. Ready can be a desire to do or even something that one should do but prepared is something altogether different. It is when you have not just an emotion to do but you are equipped for doing it. People will spend months or so, planning a WEDDING but not spend any significant time preparing for the MARRIAGE. In the wedding planning, people ( the woman often times, because guys usually don't care) will make sure they have the venue, the colors, the right person singing, seating arrangements, all of these things will be taken care of early. There may be much diligence given to who will do your make up but not as much given to make sure that the spouse has the right make up as a person. People will make sure that the styles are right on the heads but what about substance in the head. Many of the things that a person deals with are in prepara- tion are for a 2 hour ceremony but many don't give the same diligence in preparation for a 50 year life. To plan and prepare for a good ceremony may take months, to prepare for the life together may take a little longer. How can you get prepared? This may involve observation, communication and demonstration.
Dwayne E. Shigg has been married since 1982, he’s a preacher, former Pastor, adjunct professor, author and teacher. He has a Doctorate in Religious Education from Bible Believers College & Seminary in Hawthorne, Ca.

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