The Way It Was
The Way It Was
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I have thought of this story for many years. Having been stationed in Corsica and Italy during WW2 I knew some of this from my experiences. Over the years I urged anyone who showed any inclination to write a book to write this story. I usually got the same response, write the book yourself. So that is what I finally did. I hope you find the book entertaining. After I retired I spent a lot of my time traveling by driving all over this country. On one of my trips I drove into Canada and visited with our friendly neighbors up north. Along the way I enjoyed some oil painting until I gave out of wall space. Having played poker all my life [since I waS 15] i started playing at the brick and mortar casino's, many different places, but my favorite place was at the Grand in Biloxi. Katrina broke that up. Then I started playing on-line. The govt. broke that up. I don't think they were getting their cut. By then I decided that if the story was to be told I would have to do it. I had always heard the hardest part was getting started, and I found that to be true. If you have have a story that you want to tell, go ahead and get started. A high school graduate volunteers to join the Army Air Force to become a fighter pilot. He fights in Italy. He is shot down and bails out safely. Aided by the partisans he gets back to his side of the lines. After the war he goes to Ga Tech on the GI Bill. Graduates his business takes him back to Italy. Hopefully you will find the story interesting. They live happily ever after.
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I was born in 1921; just in time for the Depression and WW2. I have lived in Georgia all my life except five years that I lived in Mobile. Great fishing in Mobile. I returned from the war on troop ship Hawaiian Shipper. I had been overseas in Corsica and Italy. I enrolled in Ga Tach and graduated in 1950. I worked as a Registered Professional Engineer until I retired in 1987.

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