Divine Change in Destiny
Divine Change in Destiny
Perfect Bound Softcover
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“This book unveils the key steps to experiencing the miraculous. Too many times we find ourselves seeking the divine in complex and over complicated religious practices. This book will lead you back to the simple but yet profound word based keys that will completely change your life. A must read for everyone!” - Victor Ezeadina, Pastor “This book is very insightful, eye-opening and uplifting”. - Geneva M. Ailor, Friend
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Christine Francis is a child of God, wife, mother, and grand-mother. She has lived with her husband and children for thirty-eight years, now. Born again March 7, 1987, through the Holy Spirit, she desired fervently to let others know about the Lord Jesus and His saving grace. As the desire thrived, she started praying for more souls to be born into the Kingdom of God. This resulted in a heavy burden in her spirit for the Lord’s work and lost souls. In August of 1990 she was carried by the Spirit of God in a vision into Paradise where she experienced things many things and this experience changed her life completely. In this 3 hour vision an angel guided her through paradise and confirmed all her questions on the reality of Heaven and Hell as she had enquired in the course of prayers made before this time. While there she was commissioned to the ministry of evangelism and care, passed through the Narrow Gate and was charged by the Lord to deliver messages to a number of believers in her local assembly at the time. On the first day of May in 1994 her ministry Rapha Evangelical World Outreach was inaugurated in Northern Nigeria. Ever since, men and women have been reached, saved, and many healings wrought by the Holy Spirit during crusades and evangelical meetings. After one of her evangelical meetings, the Lord laid it on her heart to assemble the messages He has given her in the form of a book so that people everywhere could be reached. The obedience to this call is the reason for this book. Christine is grateful to God for the ability to write and to do His work. Glory be to God! He reigns forever and ever!

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