Rien Impossible En Mauritanie
Rien Impossible En Mauritanie
Perfect Bound Softcover
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If you are thinking of taking off into the Sahara for a trip, then you must read this book and prepare yourself for one of the world’'s most inhospitable envioronments. Even if you’'re not, this is a must- read to alleviate the stresses of your life by watching someone else’'s going down the pan. You’'ll be shocked, amused, and downright angry at what follows. You only have to put the book down to escape—, what do you do when you’'re really in it up to your neck?
You have to have the instincts of a mousetrap when around camels. If you are in any way distracted it could cost you your life or at the very least a broken limb. I have been kicked in the chest once and on the back of the head, once. Both times I thought I had breathed my last.
The author was born and raised in Glasgow. From the age of eight, he has had a fascination for the Sahara Desert, never ever thinking that he'd ever set foot on it. In the first kilometre; of 50 000 kilometres later travelled mostly alone on foot and camel, he was hooked for life. Now living in Mali with his Songhay wife Mariem, family connections keep him in touch with a very powerful, dangerous, unforgiving and fascinating environment and its peoples.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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