Jonathan Ray and His Superhero Pack
Jonathan Ray and His Superhero Pack
Be Bully-Free
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Jonathan Ray and his Superhero Pack wait after school each day in their Pack Tree House for Holly the hummingbird to stop by and alert them of the latest kid villain’s character conflict for the pack to solve. Holly informs the Superhero Pack that Brittany Bane and her accomplice, Marilee, are bullying sweet Megan Mae. The pack of four superhero kids and their pets remind their two classmates of Ms. Huckleberry’s lessons at school about being bully-free. The Superhero Pack shows them that the way to be a real superhero is to be a kind, bully-free person of character. Author Franny Vergo demonstrates to children, through her creative, rhyming story, that kindness is the special power we need in life.
Krista Kate then adds, "Ms. Huckleberry just taught us all how to be bully free." "I guess that Brittany did not listen, because she continues to be a bully." So the four kds tie capes and masks on themselves and their pets, and head to the park bully scene. The pack races on their scooters and small wagons, with capes flying back and masked eyes real keen. When they arrive at the town park, they see the villain, Brittany, hounding Megan mercilessly. As the pack walks toward the scene, they notice that Brittany has a villain accomplice, Merilee.
Author Franny Vergo retired in 2011 from thirty-six years of teaching fourth grade, to pursue her lifelong dream of sending positive messages to young children through published stories. During her long and fruitful career, Ms. Vergo wrote poems, raps, songs, and plays that she enthusiastically shared with her eager students. Ms. Vergo lives with her Doxie dog, Lacey, and continues to write and inspire children.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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