Sidewalk in the Sky
Sidewalk in the Sky
Old Time Religion Meets Camelot
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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Mortals and immortals alike help Mariah along the way in her quest to understand the meaning of life. Its not all fun, but its close enough. The story starts with a failed attempt at marriage, a short engagement stolen by a stranger in a subway, and encompasses all the reasons why.
When I was graduated looking for work Dad said to me, "As soon as they find out your background no one will be interested in you". I didn't know what Dad meant. What background? What interest? Was he talking about me having a baby? His sister, my Aunt Edna, said my cousin Sarah and I shouldn't mention having babies on job interviews. I could see her point, but I didn't agree with her, and my experience was that most of the men who had interviewed me for jobs complimented my being responsible rather than being judgmental. My son and I moved to NYC when he was starting the first grade, and I worked for a brokerage firm on Wall Street when I was twenty-four years old in 1974. I typed reports on investments and strategies that my Director boss dictated. A Chinese chef came in to cook the Directors' lunch every day, but not ours. It smelled real good, and sometimes one of the Directors would announce there were left- overs if anyone would like to eat lunch there, but I never went into the dining area. I just typed all day, and that was about it. The professional consensus of the Directors was to invest in television pay per view in lieu of commercials. I was picturing TVs with a scanner for payment incorporated into the televisions or a slot-TV. Virtual airline training was a big bet, also, and metallurgical coal, a no-brainer. Who doesn't like clean coal? The Jewish employees were off all holidays including secular. There were four male directors and one female director in the firm. One of the men was French, and the lady was from Savannah. My director was from New York City, and he was Jewish.
loved it!!
Arlene Berine 

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