100 thoughts from one mind
100 thoughts from one mind
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No matter how you are feeling and what you a doing there is someone in the world that may share a similar emotion or thought. My poems cover many emotions thoughts and feelings that many people will be able to relate to. We all have days when we are happy and others days where we feel regret or sadness, these emotions are what make us human.

This book is captivating, exciting, enjoyable, heartfelt and thought provoking. Every poem in the book is written by Kafayat Obanigba and expresses clear thought's and feelings at that present moment. Issues such as growing up, happiness, regret, faith, disappointment, confusion, beauty, love and life are all covered in this book.

The little things Waking up in the morning with the ability to breath, Taking the day easy with your heart on your sleeve, Sitting watching telly with a nice cup of tea, Whoever said this life isn’t beautiful I’ll have to disagree, Sometimes it is the little things that mean so much, Remembering you are human through someone’s gentle touch. Watching mum cook lasagne in the Kitchen, I am truly blessed, I have so much gratitude, I don’t feel stressed, Sitting up all night talking on my phone, Arguments with family remind me there’s no place like home, Ironing my clothes for work, It is Sunday, but I still smirk, I remember it is the simple things which make me smile, The things we take for granted make life worthwhile.

Young and charismatic writer Kafayat Obanigba was born on the 28th June 1987 in London.

Daughter of Fumnilola and Tairu Obanigba and the fourth child of six, Kafayat is use to the exciting and demanding life that comes with a big family. Kafayat’s strong ability to express herself through words stemmed from her love and enjoyment in writing.

Through the years kafayat has embarked in an exciting career in fashion and has now taken up a new career opportunity in banking. Her love of helping the community has had a positive effect on all her volunteering work throughout the past few years.

She has now gone back to her first love which is writing poetry. The book 100 thoughts from one mind is a hundred different poems which covers all different themes and emotions at that present moment of time.


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