Up-Country Girl
Up-Country Girl
A personal journey and truthful portrayal of African culture
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Up-Country Girl is the story of an African girl from a rural farming community, and the notable achievements and developments in her life, which coincided with many national events. Nigeria moved from being a British colony to independence, and the new democracy was disrupted by a series of coups d’etat bringing decades of military rule, before a return to civilian rule in 1999.

Interwoven into her story are the author’s personal views from experience, on old and new polygamy, corruption, sex education, the upbringing of children, business partnerships, the problems of a pluralistic society, work ethics, and other issues.

Up-Country Girl also affords the reader a truthful and accurate portrayal of African culture. As a creative writer, the author wrote Nothing So Sweet which won First Prize in a British Council competition; several short stories which were broadcast by the B.B.C; Folktales and Fables published by Penguin Books, and short stories included in two recent anthologies.

As an educationist, she is best known as the co-author of secondary school textbooks: New Practical English by Ogundipe and Tregidgo, and Brighter Grammar.

She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Born Phebean Ajibola Itayemi in Esa Oke, Nigeria. Her elementary education in Esa Oke, secondary education in Queens College Lagos, University education (M.A. Hons.) in St. Andrews, Scotland, rounded up with a London University Post-graduate Certificate in Education.

She worked as an educationist in Nigerian Government service, first as a teacher of English, then as administrator in various schedules including educational broadcasting, Principal of institutions, National Secretary for UNESCO, Deputy Chief Federal Adviser on Education, and Acting Director in the Federal Ministry at time of retirement.


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