Convoy Conspiracy
Convoy Conspiracy
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This first story is about the historic missions done by Combat Airmen in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Fredoom II in 2004. These Airmen went into Iraq untrained under the control of the U.S. Army for the first time since WW II. However, they perservered and overcame the many barriers they were constantly faced with in a war ravaged country. Although these Airmen felt as if they were at times abandoned by both branches of military they were called to serve, they pulled together and fought for each other in hopes of returning home to their country and loved ones.
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Robert P. Schoch Jr. is a seasoned law enforcement officer with over twenty-one years of experience. In the course of that time, he has served as a tactical team member and platoon leader for fourteen years and a member of Honor Guard for five years. His law enforcement accomplishments have earned him several commendations and decorations for his many years of service. Robert is also retired from the U.S. Air Force after twenty years of service. He was awarded the Bronze Star for his combat role in gun truck missions during Operation Iraqi Freedom II in 2004. While in Iraq, Robert was a fire team or squad leader that lead his team in ground oriented combat missions and was personally responsible for training Airmen in combat tactics and survival. Robert currently lives in Florida with his wife and five children.

Robert has an Associate Degree from Columbia Evangelical Seminary, Bachelor Degree from Luther Rice University, and Masters Degree from Librerty University.

Robert has authored three other books: One of the Best (Authorhouse), The Last Prophet (Authorhouse), and Bailiff (PublishAmerica).

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