In God We Trust
In God We Trust
A Legacy for Creating Wealth and Abundance
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Jon Bender’sbook, In God We Trust is an American classic with a legacy teaching that reveals three laws necessary to achieve true wealth.  It is an inspiring, easy to read, heart wrenching story that hits home for any person who desires to be wealthy.  Jon walks you through the ails of our society that hold people back from success and at the same time reveals the most powerful cure to overcome these obstacles: trust in God and the virtues that emanate from it.  People from all beliefs and from all walks of life can become wealthy from reading this book. Every chapter shares profound wisdom, strategy, insight, and optimism articulated by one most prominent, inspired leaders of our day.


This remarkable work uses a unique story-type approach for teaching the most important laws of wealth and how to apply them systematically to both business as well as your personal life.  It does so in a progressive blueprint manner that captures the reader’s attention and compels them to want to keep reading. This story is fictional yet it has a real life feel that builds confidence in knowing that wealth is within reach of all who persistently seek and understand it.

If you have ever wanted to take the mystery out of why some people are so much wealthier than others, take the time to carefully read and study this book. Read it again and again. This book will open up your eyes, give you peripheral vision and allow you to see unlimited opportunities all around you that you never knew existed. You will gain absolute confidence in knowing that wealth is within your reach and how to reach it.

“Yes, in a nutshell, as you Americans say, I think you have it, Lord willing!  Just remember the butterfly.”

“The butterfly?” Jim asked with a puzzled look.

“The butterfly,” Hoffman said.  “The butterfly starts out as a caterpillar and spins a cocoon around itself.  As the caterpillar is transformed into a butterfly, its increasing size begins to push against the cocoon.  The cocoon vibrates and stretches. The cocoon moves back and forth as the emerging butterfly grows.  Eventually after many weeks the butterfly has struggled against that cocoon and grown to the point that a tip of its wing punches through.  The tip pushes further and further through the cocoon until eventually becoming a whole wing. After a short while, the rest of the body bursts through the cocoon, revealing a magnificent butterfly.  What’s interesting about this story, Jim, is that if you attempt to help the butterfly break through its cocoon early by gently scoring the side of the cocoon lightly with a pen knife, you are dooming the butterfly to a life without flight.  It is the delay and struggle against the cocoon that makes the butterfly strong enough to break through the cocoon.  The cocoon is spun according to a divine formula for each specific butterfly.  It isn’t too strong or the butterfly would never break through and eventually starve to death.  It’s not too weak or the butterfly would not have struggled sufficiently to gain the strength to fly.  It’s made perfectly.  It is this same perfection that gives us the perfectly designed struggle so we can one day fly, nothing more, nothing less.  The key is gratitude and the ability to embrace the struggle.”

“If I understand correctly,” Jim said, “it is our growth and struggle that makes us strong enough to fly.  So the butterfly should be grateful for the struggle, since it would never otherwise be able to fly and would be eaten by whatever came along.”

Hoffman nodded.  “The more you remain in the spirit of gratitude, the quicker the wealth you seek will be attracted to you.  And when it seems as though it is not happening quickly enough, remain in the spirit of gratitude because God’s delays are not God’s denials.  Remember the story of  farmers being delayed to market in Nagasaki. The bottom line is making “Gratitude” equal to “Godattitude.”

Jon Bender leads thousands of people in wealth generation in the area of home-based business. Mr. Bender is an Executive Master Manager for the Direct Selling Association giant, EcoQuest International.  He is the co-author of the premier wealth building system in the direct marketing industry, Creating Wealth From Home™. 

Mr. Bender gives inspirational talks to thousands of people each year on purpose-driven wealth building principles. Jon specializes in teaching wealth building through trust and gratitude centered living.  As an Eagle Scout, Jon learned at a very young age about leadership and the importance of developing interpersonal skills. His quest for excellence in leadership launched his passion in the study of personal growth and peak performance.


As a classically trained electrical and systems engineer and co-author of four technology directories, Jon brings a fresh a approach to value-centered and purpose-driven personal growth.


Prior to EcoQuest, Jon served as the Vice President of Business development for a division of the legendary personal growth publisher, Nightingale-Conant corporation.


Jon is a devout Christian and lives with his beautiful wife Sherie and two young boys Nicholas and Alex in North Carolina.


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