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let's play SHESS
Succeed in your game of life and business by playing chess: from Pawn to Queen
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Let’s Play SHESS is written to inspire and shake up women of all ages and backgrounds to take a chance, learn something new and believe in their abilities. This book provides a fresh entertaining approach to exploring every woman’s inquisitive mind and entrepreneurial passion by playing chess. The fascinating and realistic correlation between transferring the chess-playing skills into your real life is revealed, as well as the invaluable rewards and benefits you gain as a result. SHESS is an all-encompassing term which represents “your game of life.” All of the circumstances which exist in your life, including challenges relevant to business development represent your individual “battlefield.” Whether on a personal or professional level, SHESS relates how you think, react, analyze and solve problems, and make decisions. While this book is dedicated to women, everyone is certainly welcome to explore its wisdom.


Welcome to the exciting and clever world of SHESS where you are inspired to learn a fun game of chess and motivated to play your “game of life”—your way. With so many choices of self-help and business publications available today, it’s no wonder one has to be enticed to read something interesting. This one-of-a-kind book, however, provides a very unique approach to self-help and business simultaneously.

Let’s Play SHESS is written to inspire and shake up women of all ages and backgrounds to take a chance and learn something new and to believe in their abilities. This book provides a fresh entertaining approach to exploring every woman’s inquisitive mind and entrepreneurial passion by playing chess. The fascinating and realistic correlation between transferring the chess-playing skills into your real life activities is revealed, as well as the rewards and benefits you gain as a result.

In the end, this book hopes to create a global movement, which stimulates an intellectual state of mind by encouraging girls and women to: (a) Become interested in playing chess because it is a fun and challenging game. (b) Transfer chess-playing skills (such as critical and logical thinking, analytical reasoning, and strategic planning) into all aspects of their lives; and, (c) Think for themselves, develop confidence, and make better decisions.

How is this possible? Well, think about it for a moment. Chess is a game that mimics the art of battle in a war of two minds. The main goal is to capture your opponent’s King and win the game. SHESS, on the other hand, mimics the art of battle within your own mind and your opponent’s mind. Your battlefield is everything that occurs in your life whether on a personal or professional level. As a SHESS player, you fight your battles using your intellectual weaponry, confidence, and resiliency against any opponent or obstacle.

There is no winning or losing in your game of life because trying to accomplish a goal is far better than not trying at all. Either way, you cannot lose in SHESS; you simply learn from your mistakes, deal with new changes, dust yourself off, and regain strength for your next move. SHESS instinctively prepares you to face your adversaries in your life and marketplace. You learn to accomplish your goals successfully as you develop and utilize your chess-playing skills.

Imagine for a moment all of the things that are occurring on your battlefield right now. Do you feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to handle? Can you pinpoint the distractions and deterrents that confront you daily and haunt you at night? I know that obstacles can be very strong opponents. Whether you want to get a promotion, change your career, or start your own business, recognize that these hindrances can dissuade you from fulfilling your dreams.

In setting your goals for growth and development, consider what skills you have or lack, or what you contribute to your own battlefield? Sometimes you can be the direct cause of your own detriment and you make excuses not to invest in yourself. You may even procrastinate and too often surround yourself with nonsupportive and negative people.

No matter how you analyze it, you are the only one who can identify what you need for further change. Perhaps you need more education or hands-on training. But you’re not making the necessary sacrifices to make those improvements. Keep in mind that negative thinking, hanging on to the past, resentment, anger, bitterness, lack of self-confidence, and self-doubt are contributing factors, which inhibit your greatest potential in life.

What is incredible about the connection between playing chess and SHESS (your game of life) is that the skills required to play both well are exactly the same. For instance, critical and logical thinking, as well as analytical reasoning are skills used to solve problems. When facing your opponent, there is always that element of change in the tactics used against you, and you learn to adapt and deal with that new change as well. Both games teach you that there is a better way to think, analyze problems with a different lens, and provide confidence to believe in your abilities. The type of SHESS player you are will also help you to determine how you think and handle all matters in your life. The truth is we all have different circumstances, experiences, abilities, and battle stories to tell. Some of us are successful, outgoing, and ambitious and others are very timid, less aggressive, and noncompetitive. But that’s okay. The point is that each of us brings something special to our respective battlefields and we all have extraordinary potential.

Every aspect of your life deserves your attention and care. No matter what type of job you have or hobby you enjoy, developing your skills in any field is critical for success. Your potential is endless, but you have to have an open mind. You have to believe in yourself and your abilities in order to make things happen. Actually, it doesn’t matter what personality traits you possess because having the determination to learn to play chess and striving to become a successful SHESS player in your game of life, at your own pace, is what counts.

Everyone has the ability to learn chess. You have the intelligence and capability to understand and develop the transferable chess-playing skills. Playing chess brings out the best in your abilities, and it teaches you to show respect for your opponent.

The perception that chess is only for men or that chess is too intellectual or tedious is old fashioned. The truth is that SHESS inspires you to play chess and improve your life skills in your game of life. By transferring the chess-playing skills into all aspects of your life and business development, you will be one step ahead in both games.

Wendy Oliveras is an entrepreneur, small business owner, published author, columnist, search consultant, and motivational career mentor. She is Founder and CEO of Oliveras & Company, Inc., a prominent full-service search firm specializing in the recruitment of intellectual property attorneys in New Jersey since 2001. Oliveras brings 30 years of combined hands-on experience in intellectual property law firms and attorney placement. Her vision and passion to help others has been her motivation to create a successful staffing company, as well as create the SHESS concept and worldwide brand.

Oliveras is also the Founder and CEO of SHESS Global Alliance, LLC. Oliveras has found yet another avenue in which to mentor and motivate girls and women to believe in their abilities and achieve their goals. The entire concept of SHESS and its brand, including the subsequent line of products to follow, is one of her greatest creative business endeavors. This inspirational SHESS movement is designed to encourage women of all ages and backgrounds to play a fun game of chess and transfer the chess-playing skills into their real life activities, including business development.

Aside from managing her two companies, Oliveras is the President of the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners (NJWABO) Hudson County Chapter, since 2010. In this leadership role, she continues to mentor and guide women business owners in their start-up endeavors and business development.

Oliveras holds a Master of Science degree in Human Resources Management and a post-Master’s Certification in Career Development and Planning from The New School in New York City.

Follow author at http://www.twitter.com/LetsPlaySHESS; http://www.facebook.com/LetsPlayShess; or visit the SHESS website at www.playshess.com.

Wendy Oliveras recently appeared on Fox MY9NEWS with Brenda Blackmon to discuss women-owned small businesses and shopping locally. She is a well sought after motivational speaker and is available to speak at schools, universities, corporate functions and community groups. For media inquiries and more information please contact Wendy Oliveras at info@playshess.com.

My friend Bess said to me that I just had to pick up a copy of Let's Play SHESS because she knows that I like to play chess. So, I bought a copy and well all I can say is that I loved it. This is a great inspirational book and now me and Bess are SHESS players on our battlefields and have even started to play chess together. BTW - I am teaching her the basics and she is using the book to help develop her skills. Soon she will start winning me in chess and then I will have to start taking USCF classes for sure! LOL - We just love this book! Thanks Wendy! Great job!
Gracey Lin 
What an ingenious and brilliant book! Who would ever think that the SHESS concept would cause such an amazing stir among women of all ages. This book has helped me to tackle my own personal and professional endeavors. In fact, it has awakened my inner passion to pursue my goals in which I never dreamed were possible until now! I just love the beautiful logo from Pawn to Queen as well. I have been spreading the great news about this book to everyone I know. I would like to personally thank the author, Wendy Oliveras, for inspiring me to have the confidence to become a SHESS warrior on my own battlefield!!!
Angel Rose (F.V.O.) 
I am a man and I love SHESS because it is inspirational to both women and men. As A kid I used to play chess and was not so crazy about it. But after reading the book, I feel inspired to start taking advantage of the skills in chess and applying them to my life and building my business. This author is brilliant and beautiful! I personally recommend this book to anyone who seeks a new path to success.
Oneill Arroyo 
This book is simply brilliant! As I read through it, I felt so motivated to start new goals for myself. It is a fresh and original outlook on how playing chess and making better decisions in life and business is so important. I am definitely spreading the word about this book and how it has changed my outlook on life and business. Kudos to the author!!!!!!!
Young and old, someone who is already running a business or just starting, this book will really inspire you and dare us to, as the Nike commercial would say, "just do it." During this time of turmoil and hardship, we can only rely on our own strength, strategies and knowledge, to beat the odds and achieve our dreams. To all women out there...let us all be Shess Warriors!
A friend of mine told me about this book and I was intrigued because my dad had taught me to play chess a very long time ago and I didn't keep up with it. Since I have read this book, I am so inspired to start playing chess again, as well as focus on setting goals for myself. I am so happy that the author has identified a chess/life connection and written such a smart and inspirational book. I am definitely spreading the word to all of my female colleagues and friends. A definite must read for women who wish to pursue their life goals and even start a business with confidence. Not only am I a Shess player, but I am now a Queen in life and business!
Judy Mercer 

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