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This book is a must read for soldiers and those in other branches of the military who are facing or who will face a deployment.  It examines the role of the soldier from a biblical perspective.  It examines the lives of some of the greatest warriors in the bible and the strategies they used to defeat their enemies.  This book contains over 100 promises from the bible specifically for soldiers.  They are promises of protection,  deliverance, strength and encouragement for those facing the challenges of deployment and war.  This book is powerful, uplifting,  and encouraging.  Do not go to war without reading this book.

The bible is steep in military history and tradition. It is also filled with military battle strategies. Some of the great military leaders of the past depended on the bible for wisdom as they laid out their battle plan and prepared to go to war. God has always been involved in military affairs. Those who asked him for wisdom and direction before a battle always came out on top. He is the ultimate Commander and Chief.  Men and women join the military and take the oath to serve for different reasons. Some because they are carrying on a family tradition, while others see the military as their only option for a better life. Many men and women join for personal reasons like earning money for college or helping their family who is struggling financially. Others join to travel and see the world. However, many men and women join the military out of a sense of duty to God and their country.

These men and women know they are called to serve in the military. They know the training is hard and they will work long hours without any overtime pay. They realize they will not see their families and friends for months and in some cases years. However, none of these things deters them or shakes their belief that what they are doing is what they were called to do.  While politicians argue and debate the war, questioning if we should be in Iraq and Afghanistan, the troops are preparing for deployment. They are training and preparing themselves physically and mentally for the battles that lie ahead. They are committed to answering the call no matter the cost. The joy of a service member’s commitment to God and country outweighs the fear of war, injury and even death.  Their commitment to the mission, fellow soldiers and the nation goes beyond all fear because they want to accomplish the mission and see it succeed. Politics are not an issue when you are engaged in combat. Political affiliations and parties lines are irrelevant. Soldiers do not care if their comrade to the right or left of them is a Republican, Democratic or Independent. They do not care what their comrade’s religious affiliation is. They will do whatever it takes to keep each other from harm and together defeat their enemies.

Soldiers know going into the military that they will face hardships and they are willing to endure the hardships.  In the bible  2 Timothy chapter 2 verses 3 and 4 (amplified bible) says, “Therefore  endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.  No soldier when in service becomes entagled in the enterprises of (civilian) life, his aim is to satisfy and please  the one who enlisted him." Many people may not believe it, but soldiers are servants of God.  In the book of Numbers chapter 31 verses 1 through 6, God again instructed Moses to send recruiters to the twelve tribes of Israel.  He recruited soldiers to fight against the Midianites. It is worth noting that Moses said, "Arm some of yourselves for war." Not all of the men of Israel were recruited, just a select number of men from the twelve tribes were recruited.  There were one thousand men from each of the twelve tribes.  They were the brave, the courageous, and they were called "men of war." The men of war never went to war alone, God went with them.  God is "A MAN OF WAR". 

God is and always will be the ultimate Commander and Chief.  In the book of Exodus chapter 15 verses 3-7, Moses wrote a song describing God’s actions in battle. The Lord is a warrior; The Lord is his name. Pharaoh’s chariots and his army he has cast into the sea and the choicest of his officers are drowned in the Red sea. The deep covers them; they went down into the depths like a stone. Your right hand, O Lord, is majestic in power, your right hand, O Lord, shatters the enemy and the greatness of your excellence you overthrow those who rise up against you; You sent forth your burning anger, and it consumed them like a chaff .As you read these bible promises, mediate on them and memorize them.  Confess these promises and make them your own.  They will encourage and strengthen you.  In the book of Daniel chapter 9 Daniel said, " I will pray to my God and make confessions.  He will keep covenant, mercy and loving kindness with those who love him and keep his commandments."  Daniel knew the value of confessing the word and he made it a part of his prayer time.  I encourage you to do the same.  Some of the verses of scripture are taken from the amplified version of the bible and personalized just for you.  These promises will comfort you, uplift you, protect you and bring you peace during your time of war.



J.M. Barnes is a native of Tampa, Florida.  She was a military spouse for over 20 years.  She is an educator, author, wife and mother of three children.  She is a graduate of Saint Leo University.  She is currently attending the University of West Florida pursuing her Master's degree.

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