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This Third and last book of the ‘Protect You’ series has been comprehensively revised and updated to incorporate the New and Final addition titled ’Protect You - Communication Management’ ‘The Ultimate Self defence Guide’ offers the complete ‘Protect You’ Trilogy in one exclusive book; ? Protect You - Communication Management ? Protect You - Understanding Bullying and Aggressive Behaviour ? Protect You - The Street Smart Way Self defence remains a worry for everyone and is integral to self preservation. Sylvan Clarke’s books continue to provide practical advice on understanding modern day street psychology and the physics of self defence protection. Capturing and analysing the processes of struggle and management over conflict Sylvan shows how to develop better communications by improving the way in which unspoken messages and attitudes are exchanged to help develop and manage disruptive behaviour in a non confrontational way. The Ultimate Self defence Guide offers a complete and balanced account of the philosophy and skills required to deal with everyday challenges. It offers dozens of tested techniques and proven action strategies that show you how to; ? Be more assertive with friends, family members and difficult co-workers ? Defend yourself if physically attacked ? Develop your own complete self defence system. ? Empower you to take control of your life and enjoy new levels of personal success. This book is written in simple, clear language and is designed to provide immediate, practical and effective guidance on Self Defence Management to all readers. Includes two exclusive Short Stories written by Sylvan Clarke; The Hunter - A man and his dream and Queens Gambit - Sauce for the Goose.

Closer to home, in fact, in our very own homes breeds a new type of extremist. Numerous boot camps and parental guidance courses have been developed to cater for delinquent children, demonstrating societies need to gain control of potential problems before they escalate i.e. future robbers, murderers etc.


Some of the nations  hardworking parents are on the receiving end of abuse verbally and physically from their own sons and daughters.


They live in fear of talking to their child or in some cases even looking at them, just in case it causes their child to flare up at them. The ultimate fear demonstrated by some of the nations parents is their fear of being killed in their sleep by their own child.


Behaviour changing boot camps and parental guidance courses have been set up worldwide to tackle such extremist situations, they complete the ‘reasonable absolute necessary action to safe guard the parent and child/children relationship. This is wholly deemed the right act and justified by each parent because they have sought approval from others.

Books like my Protect You - Self defence series are a reasonable, absolute necessary action to ward off attempts of bullying and harassment. As with the boot camp and parental guidance courses, my books aims and objectives are to guide you the reader through the skills necessary to prevent the escalation of conflict and defuse any attempts at physical violence.

The following psychological self defence package has been designed to help you formulate a solid  blueprint to achieve the ultimate in your self-defence development.




Its the way you said it

I remember a conversation I had with one of my students

You know its all well and good learning all these self defence moves, but really I cant just go and punch someone on the nose for demonstrating antagonistic behaviour towards me

Thats very true Tim

I mean I know when someone is being funny or down right rude with me but I know that in no way does it warrant physical violence against them

Also very true Tim

Its like one time in my local superstore I over heard a lady talking to her friend in the changing rooms saying This dress would look fabulous on you only its a size 10, I suppose we could take out a couple of cms. Mind you I suppose by the time you get to wear it your diet will have kicked in and youll be as thin as me. Oh, by the way I saw your ex with his new woman, shes as skinny as Kate Moss. Hey, how does this bra look, its a bit small isn

Sylvan Clarke, the published author of ‘Protect You -The Street Smart Way’ and 'Protect You - Conflict Management',  has written this book drawing from his experience as a defensive tactics consultant/trainer, Security Consultant, Self defence/Martial arts Instructor.




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