The Misrepresentation of Black Women
The Misrepresentation of Black Women
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Final thought, my sisters in order to get a better selection of men, we have to change our STANDARDS!  If we raise the Bar, they have no other choice than to raise the Ante..


“I wrote this book for not only mature adults, but also for young adults.”  “Mothers and fathers can buy this for their daughters, boyfriends can buy it for their girlfriends, and big sisters can buy it for their little sisters.”


Keep it real ladies.



This is a simple guide to give you the tools to attract the type of man you really want.  Leave a lasting impression with everyone you meet, whether it is in a social arena or in the business place. Remember that it takes 28 days to make something a habit.  For some of you this may be the longest 28 days of your life, but it is well worth it. 

I am a MS native, but I have lived in the northern most part of the country for several years.  I am a Christian, and I have found that as I grew spiritually; I grew in every other aspect of my personal and professional life.  My vocabulary changed, my thought process changed, how I viewed life and the people I came in contact with changed; and most importantly I viewed myself differently.  I expected more out of myself, and the people I allowed to be in my circle.  God changed me, and there is nothing about the new me that I don’t love.  So, I have a new found freedom, joy, happiness, and outlook on life.  I have written several poems, and started writing two novels, prior to this book, but did not complete them.  I must say this has been the most rewarding to write.


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