How America Was Born: Colonial Living
How America Was Born: Colonial Living
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“How America Was Born” is a story that makes learning history more fun.


 Siblings, Benjamin and Martha were given a magic camera called “Freedom”.    “Freedom” takes Benjamin and Martha to different years like a time machine.  While they jump from one period in history to another they learn about how our country started and how people lived long ago.


Benjamin and Martha go back to 1620 and travel on the Mayflower with the pilgrims and then meet the Indians in the new world.  They must learn how to survive in the new world.  When they land in 1700 they learn how people lived without the modern conveniences we have today.  The best part is when they travel to 1776 to find out who made our American flag and who wrote the Declaration of Independence.


Let “How America Was Born” take you on a journey through time to learn the history of our great country.



“Martha” Benjamin calls out, “make sure you pack Freedom”.  Freedom is Benjamin and Martha’s Special time camera.  It was given to them by their Uncle Sam when they were just babies.  As they got older, Uncle Sam gave Benjamin, who is now 13 and Martha, who is now 9, all the instructions on how to use Freedom.  If used correctly, Freedom would take a picture of a historical site, and then transfer Benjamin and Martha back in time.  Benjamin and Martha never travel on vacation without taking Freedom.  “It’s packed.” Martha yelled back to Benjamin, “Let’s go”.



What do I want to be when I grow up?  I am still wondering.  But writing and being an author is a new chapter in my life. 


Since 1995 I have performed “How America Was Born” before thousands of school age children in Staten Island, Brooklyn and New Jersey.  The children dress in costume and help me to tell the story about our country’s history.   I decided I would put “How America Was Born” into a series of books. 


I am married and I live in Staten Island, New York.   I have an understanding husband, three children:  Michael, Michelle and Jennifer and two of the most wonderful parents in the world. 



Danielle LaCava is my illustrator.  She is 12 years old and lives in Old Bridge, New Jersey.  Danielle attends junior high school and someday she wants to be a­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ teacher.



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