The History of Apostolic Faith Mission and other Pentecostal Missions in South Africa
The History of Apostolic Faith Mission and other Pentecostal Missions in South Africa
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The book is about the origin and history of the Apostolic Faith Mission and other similar Pentecostal missions in South Africa. The book records a rare important societal history of the pentecostal movement in Southern Africa. The Assemblies of God, Full Gospel Church , African initiated churches  and the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe. Some of the influential giants of the pentecostal movement you will meet include:

John Graham Lake

Elias Letwaba

Pieter Louis Le Roux

Nicholas Bhengu

Richard Ngidi

Frank Chikane

John Gwanzura (Chihari)

Langton Kupara






...... by the time the first Pentecostal preachers arrived from the United States of America, a significant number  of Africans were already involved in the Zionist Movement. Many hypotheses have been put forward for the origin of Pentecostalism; some even believe that the Pentecostal style of worship derives from the African American culture. The holistic view adopted by the Pentecostal movement can be found in African religion’s focus on healing of the whole person, and if one looks at aspects of the African-American style of worship and service, the involvement of the whole community in worship, witnessing, narrative theology, clapping of hands, the inclusion of visions, dreams and the healing of the sick through prayer are all characteristics of African religion.

Lyton Chandomba grew up in the Pentecostal movement and is currently an evangelist and pastor in the Apostolic Faith Mission  Ministries United Kingdom. As a historian and researcher Chandomba possesses a wealth of knowledge about church history.He has acquired his in-depth knowledge through intensive study and research. The author is exceptionally qualified for his work. He has also travelled to preach the word in Zimbabwe, Zambia as well as in the United Kingdom.

After leaving his Chartered Association of Certified Accountants studies he went on to study at Living Waters Bible College , All Africa School of Theology and South London Christian College. He holds  Bachelor's and  Master's degrees in Theology  and Doctorate degree in Theology.



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