ABC- A balanced child... (Workbook)
ABC- A balanced child... (Workbook)
"A balanced child needs more; than just a grandma. An entertainer needs; more than just a child."
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Title: ABC - A balanced child...(Workbook)

Subtitle:  "A balanced child needs more; than just a grandma.  An entertainer needs; more than just a child."

Author:  Roxann Henagan

The above book is an interactive workbook designed for the non-traditional family, orphanages, juvenile correctional facilities, adoption agencies and for the everyday household member who have had challenges with their child/teenager. 

ABC- A balanced child...(Worbook), is an excellent tool for building or re-building your family when faced with new environments.


Chapter 5 contains a list of words that will help the reader to reach his/her goal.  Give and get, Optimistic, Apply, Learn Study.


Chapter 3 are informative house-hold names for the reader. There are many different cultures and more blended families in America today than ever before.  There are even that much more children being adopted from third world countries. Different cultures may call their immediate relatives something different than what America is use to.  This chapter will help the reader learn his/her/ immediate household members. What are the names you hear your child calling you?  Write them below.

__________      _____________    __________

What are some names you remember calling as a child?  Write them below.

_________    _________________   __________


Chapter 6 determines the child/teen/adult progress and accomplishment through the court system.  Accomplishments take longer to achieve than goals.  Feel free to journal your accomplishments.  Don't forget to date your accomplishment as well.  (Share your accomplishments with the Judge.)  Write and date the accomplishments below.

Accomplished___________________   Date:__________

Accomplished___________________   Date:__________

Accomplished___________________   Date:__________

"Get balanced in all that you do, for the old and the new!"

By Roxann Henagan



Roxann Henagan list a few credentials on writing experience.

Editor:  Army Times while serving in United States Army at Fort Hood, Texas. 

Author: The Red Barn & Vicious cycle.

Roxann Henagan - slogan -  "Your favorite publisher."

Publisher of :  A News Voice of America

Founder - Roxann Henagan- Inner Thoughts Inc.


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