Appalachian Mysteries
Appalachian Mysteries
"Rogue Spectrum"
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The third, and final volume in the series “Appalachian Mysteries” takes place in several states, but centers, once again, in Boontown Kentucky, where those two worthy protagonists, The Rev. Paul Peters, a retired Presbyterian minister, and a volunteer sleuth, team up once more with former sheriff and football hero, Sanders Yard, to face a dangerous religious psychopath who is after them for their activities and beliefs, and will stop at nothing to destroy their lives and those they love.

The story is shaped around the loner and militant Theodore Shadehigh, who, carried along by his fundamentalist beliefs, destroys anything in his path that to him seems liberal and apostate. He is the “Rogue Spectrum” of the title and this refers to his consuming passion to rid the world of those who are more tolerant of gays, women, and the culturally disabled.

How will these two men, their wives, and those in The Troublesome Area Church be able to cope with this very real threat?

Preview coming soon.

The Rev. William H. ‘Bill’ Winch has written two other “Appalachian Mystery” books, and now completes the series with this novel. All are available at Authorhouse.

Mr. Winch is a retired Presbyterian minister, who with his wife of 55 years, Ann, live in Rolla,Missouri. He is active as president of a senior citizen center organization, in continuing to fish the streams nearby, and supplies vacant churches on Sunday mornings when available.


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