Tunnel of Vision
Tunnel of Vision
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Renee recalls her earliest memory in the year 1959, at the age of four.  This nonfiction account of the emotional heartbreaking, heartwarming episodes of a dysfunctional family raised with five other siblings emerges.

There are heartbreaking truths of mental, physical, sexual, alcohol and drug abuse which stemmed fron the early 1950's into the late 1990's.  Unfortunately, this family has an entangled web of insane and immortal behavior; which is an inheritance for all the siblings.

Heartwarming, because the children's love for one another held them together during their childhood.  Renee's love for her outcast father kept her hopes high.  Ironically, she emerges from the struggles of abuse into faith that embraces her with love, kindness and guidance only God can transform.

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                          ABOUT THE AUTHOR

Evelyn Reney was born in Crowley, Louisiana on October 4, 1954. She was the third child of six siblings.  Being the oldest girl she had many adult responsibilities at an early age.  Her family was dysfunctional which created hardship for her.  She was abused mentally, physically and sexually.

Her parents divorced when she was about seven years old.  She spent years of emptiness in her heart yearning for her father's present.  Because of circumstances in her life she began to emotionally wax cold toward her mother.  Likewise her mother showed her mutual feelings.  She married at the age of sixteen.  This was her escape from an abusive mother that potrait no love or security for her.  Later, she becomes the mother of three children.

Years passed. Finally, she acknowledges she was an alcoholic. Reney was becoming her mother.  The person she vowed never to be.  She was not satisfied with that person.  She must strive to be a new person.  Through her journey she learns valuable truths.

Today, at the age of 52, she lives by faith with graditude to God.  He brought her through many storms.  She wrote Tunnel of Vision to share her experiences with others.  She states, she has the faith to embrace love, kindness and guidance that only God has transformed. She now understands her purpose in life.  She is active in serving and helping others.  Once a week, she teaches Bible Study to the children in her community.  She recently began Community Talk.  It's a group of adults that meets every week to discuss issues ranging from dysfunctional families to depression, anger, sexual abuse, drugs and alcohol addiction, etc.  The author speaks about experiences and endurance that voices a solution emerged from the insane and immortal behaviors we inherit.


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