What I Remember of Vietnam I Tried To Forget
What I Remember of Vietnam I Tried To Forget
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This book is about, what I REMEMBER OF MY TIME IN VIETNAM, that I tried to forget. These stories are things that stuck in my head, they come back in dreams. Da’jua’vu or flash backs. That’s why, there’s not much of a beginning, or full ending, to these memories. These are true stories of my experiences in Vietnam, things a lot of people don’t want to hear, or know about, because the U.S.A. (or we don’t do that) but they happened. I want people to know about this WAR, as most of us Vets knew it, so when our men come back from Iraq, they won’t be judged and treated like us, the Vietnam VETS. War is HELL! If you weren’t in one, thank GOD you weren’t, and let GOD do the judging.

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I was born in East LA, just like that song (BORN IN EAST L.A.) BY Cheech Marian. My grandfather was in World War 1, my father was in World War 2, I went to Vietnam, and my oldest son went to the Persian Gulf (Kuwait)


I got my greeting card from Uncle Sam in 1967, and joined his establishment (Drafted) into the ARMY.

In the Army, I got my GED, So that I could go over Sea’s and help fight the war, they won’t send an illiterate to war, with out his GED (general educated dummy papers) For me that was a blessing, I would have never gotten one on my own, having a GED and being a Veteran, helped me in later life, it opened a lot of doors for me.’


I still can’t read or Write (spell) to good, but thanks to Technology, I have a computer that dictates what I say. I talk to it, it wrights it down. It even checks spelling, and grammar. I never thought I’d be writing a book, Especially about Vietnam. But here it is. Another blessing. The Lord’s been very good to me.


I’m writing this book, so that people can understand, how someone like me, who had to do, what I had to do, I was only 20 years old, 10th grade education, from a low income family of eight, I had a job to help out my parents.  Like I said in the beginning of this; I was no hero, I got Drafted, but I served somewhat willingly, because I did not want to disgrace my family, and I thought Vietnam couldn’t  be any worse than my East L.A, “that’s right”, I was wrong! But what do you expect from someone who wasn’t very smart?


In the Army I was trained as a 91B20 combat medic, with me not being of school material (Somewhat Illiterate) I went through the training like I did my public schooling, with the physical things, I passed with flying colors, but the school work (brain work) I was just pasted on through., That meant; when I was in Vietnam and I played Doctor, I had to fake it most of the time. And but for the grace of God, I did my job.


This is not a documentary, these are things I remember, that I tried to forget. Forgetting people’s names, that I loved as brothers, will more or less, be explained, as you read. Most of the stories have no starting or ending, I only remember the middle of these stories, because that has most of the impact of what I saw and, (or did), therefore being the only things that stuck in my head. There are other things I remember, but not much to write about. 


A lot of these things may not make sense to you; they may not be things I should talk about, or right to talk about, even disgraceful to talk about.  But I want you to know, what we went through, and what the men in Iraq are going through now.  So don’t make the same mistake that was done to the Viet Nam VET’S, and be sure you support them, when they come home, they will need all the support they can get.



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