Germany Invaded Poland September 1, 1939
Germany Invaded Poland September 1, 1939
My Life Story
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This story begins in 1921 went I was born, in Radom Poland, My name is Wladyslaw, and my papa left us with my aunt with my brothers and sisters, and about a year later, my papa came home with a new wife, then World War II,. and Germany invaded Poland on September 1 1939. Germans came up to the house with trucks, and they came to the house and they took me, I did not know where I was going! Germans Soliders, Tanks, and Planes in the sky and bombs falling on the ground.  One Incident was when I went a date with a German Girl, and the Germans Soldier caught me and put me into jail and how they whipped me I thought I would not make it, and I was about 70 lbs and I could not walks.Time when by and my farmer came and took back to the farm. And I Have survive the war.  



On September 1 1939, Germans invaded Poland, and Germans Soldiers came to the house and took me away from my family and I became a slave for the German Peoples during World War II. Then the war was over I came to American, and how life was tough. in Germany and American.when I came to USA my life was also tough.



Jean Marie Rusin, Lives in Connecticut with Family and I have attended two years of College, Did two plays that mouse that roar and comedy of error. Like sing and play guitar, and write poetry and songwriter.


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