God's Glory and the Exhortation
God's Glory and the Exhortation
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16 Answers to why so many traditions of men exists within the organized religious system commonly known as the Christian Church.

1. Your Pastor, God anointed or self appointed (Jeremiah 14:14-15 & 23:21)
2. How to recognize False Prophets (Matthew 7:21-23)
3. How to recognize a true Pastor from a Hireling (John 10:12-13)
4. The body of Christ or a business for profi t (1 Peter 5:2-3)
5. How to recognize the sensual gospel – that which pertains to the senses
6. How to recognize those who transform themselves into messengers of Christ (2 Cor. 11:30-15)
7. Why are things so predictable in Church meetings
8. How to recognize Hirelings who use God, His word and gifts to be rich and famous (1 Peter 4:17)
9. True Church or a repeating liturgical melody of sameness; the one reason Jesus and the Apostles were persecuted and killed; their opposition to “traditions of men.” (Mark 7:6-13)
10. Why don’t we have Church the way Paul and Jesus COMMANDED us to have Church? (1 Cor. 14:26-40)
11. Why doesn’t Jesus do in many ministries what He did in his ministry?
12. Did Jesus CONDEMN appellations of honor, (titles, such as Pastor, Reverend, etc.,) before names in His Church (Matthew 23:1-8) They had the offi ce, but were not called by it.
13. Did Jesus Christ start a denomination? (Matt. 20:25-28)
14. Does Jesus hate clergy-laity division? (Nicolaitans) in His church (Rev 2:6, Rev. 2:15, 1 Cor. 12:25) Preaching or Performing
15. Why the Church is fi lled with grace perverters, money lovers, truth opposers, while pretending to be harmless, true and sincere
16. Why are many self righteous, spiritually blind, worldly secure while trusting in success and themselves; pretending to win souls, but really preaching for gain, healing for fame, building towers of Babel which are nothing more than monuments to their own egos (1 Timothy 6:3-5)

By Rene Bates

This book could very well prepare the way for the Lord’s return. Thought provoking to some, shocking to others. Available through all book stores.
www.Authorhouse.com or toll free (888) 280- 7715 It could change the way you view present day Christianity.


'I was blessed as well as deeply impressed with the years of spiritual maturing and growth that it took to produce this kind of writing. A reader could not fail to be touched by the Lord in any number of ways in your collection of reflective essays.'

-Charlie Johnson, Manager of Christian Books Publishing House, The Seed Sowers

'Intriguing blend of spiritual vignette personal testimony. The author makes numerous thought-provoking statements. Author Bates has a timely, and probably convictng for many, message to share.'

-George Allen, Journalist for 'The Christian Advocate'

'I was touched in my spirit by what the Lord gave you to write. I'm sure all the messages that you gave from your heart originated from the heart of the Father. I want to confirm that I personally believe God's annoiting was in this writing. Your humility and honesty were apparent.'

-Betty Daffin, Staff of 'Last Days Ministry Magazine'

'Thank your brother for sharing that with me. I read it and you have certainly described a critical situation for the body of Christ today. I will get your message to Pat Robinson's office.'

-George Brown, Director of the CBN Conferences

'Powerful meditaions, indeed, ...'

-Richard E. Brown, Editor at The Pilgrim Press

'You give such a strong witness to your faith ...'-(The Rev.) David V. Koch, Executive Editor, Concordia Publishing House

God's Glory and the Exhortation

Competently composed mini sermons mix with inspiring personal experience in a book that aims to redirect Christians toward the right path.

Rene Bates believes he understands why Christian churches have failed in their duty: because their leaders “seek to be educated and highly trained, but … haven’t been with Jesus.” In God’s Glory and the Exhortation, Bates says he has had various experiences of contact with God and his messengers, and the author states that “it’s time to know Him, not simply know about Him.”

Bates’s own religious conversion began with situations in which he believes God personally reached out to him. For example, he says that he saw his dying mother’s spirit leave her body and go to God. Some of the book’s fifty-six chapters involve signs of God in his life both before his conversion and after he was saved, including meetings with people he believes were agents of the Almighty, if not Jesus himself.

Some chapters are like sermons in which Bates explains long passages from the Bible. He believes he has been given true insight into modern Christianity, and he exhibits particular animus toward “false churches” that are “loveless, corrupt, compromising, lukewarm and dead.” He asserts that modern preachers are for the most part “religionists” who will say or do anything to keep their congregations happy and their salaries rolling in. Jesus, he asserts, “left religionists and went to sinners,” and Bates reminds readers that the way to Jesus is “the way of tears,” not pleasant feelings. In a “letter” toward the end of the book, he advises, simply, “Don’t try to lead, just follow.”

Mixing personal stories with scripture-based exhortations, Bates seeks to inform others of his philosophy, arguing that “it could change the way you view present day Christianity.” However, his text is repetitive and is based on inspiration rather than a well-organized set of ideas. One instantly grasps his central theme—the modern church, in the grip of prideful leaders, has taken a wrong turn.

This attractive hardcover book was written, according to the dust jacket, “after sixteen years of praying, waiting and listening”; a companion volume has been written but not published. Bates writes competently, and his book possesses only occasional typos.

In God’s Glory and the Exhortation, the author has a message he sincerely wishes to share. His message will resonate most with those who already share his point of view.

Barbara Bamberger Scott
September 5, 2013

(From Chapter One)

It isn't profitable to speak about oneself, but here is a little about me. My name is Rene Bates. I'm fifty-two years old and have been married to my wife, Pauline, for thirty years.

On March 30, 1978, at 3:30 p.m., the Hand of God touched my life. I felt as if I would explode as wave after wave of His Spirit was breathed into me. Six months later, I asked Him if I should go to Bible school.

'No,' He replied, 'I will use life to teach you.'

As I look back on it, I see His divine wisdom and guidance for me. He was the one who saved me, and He is the one who trains me. I've been with Him all these years in the desert, waiting, listening, being broken and purged by His wonderful fire, which will transform me into His image.

I have no qualifications. I simply reflect His love, by which He first loved me. If I suffered, it was only because my Lord wanted to teach me obedience. Sometimes, I am slow to learn.

If there is anything good or noble in my life, it's Him, not me. He teaches me to be still, like a calm pond, so that when He speaks, ever so softly and sweetly, I respond as if a small pebble was dropped into the middle of a pond.

It is as if His hand pours me out before the four winds of heaven. His cross is the place of my habitation. I must always embrace the word and the death that truly brings life. His love is so pure and unselfish, that, at times, I can only weep before Him. To know Him is to love Him.

He wounds only that he may eventually heal, and He grants many blessings through brokenness. If I should live out my days alone in the desert, then I should bow my knees to the Holy One and accept, from His precious hands, whatever He ordains for me.

The sorrows of this life become the jewels in His crown, while the tears become the dew that waters heaven.

Rene means reborn, or born again.

For after these many years, the Lord spoke very quietly to my heart regarding the reason He chose me to write at this time.

'I chose you because of the qualifications you do not have, that I may fill you with Mine.' Knowing that, I bring before you the quill and the cross.

(205 pages) **add: back cover of the book

At a time when divisions among the churches are subject to attack, both from within and from without, the author has felt led to write doxologies, essays and thoughts. These words are a call to action to ALL true believers in the word of God, and can only create encouragement in the body of Christ.

After 16 years of praying, waiting and listening, Mr. Bates has recently completed two manuscripts for one book, God’s Glory and the Exhortation. These writings are a trumpet call to holiness in the personal lives of all Christian believers, and may serve as the foundation upon which a spiritual balm may be established.

The author's presentation of these beliefs, sometimes heartfelt, sometimes straightforward, and sometimes controversial, have one common theme running through them: they come straight from the author's heart.

Warning! The books have a highly provocative and penetrating approach, and will help the reader to think, reflect and maybe even weep. Mr. Bates has been ministering more to his Saviour than to people, though he freely relates his emotions and his feelings to those close to him. Raised in Maine, Mr. Bates moved with his wife Pauline to Nevada in 1968, where the author worked at menial jobs. Mr. Bates and his wife continue to reside in Nevada.

At a time when Christianity seems to be full of "self appointed" experts and impostors in the pulpit, Rene has given the subject the light of truth and has incisively gone to the heart of the matter with the Holy Spirits guiding. Without condemning anyone personally, He has exposed them for who they are-that is they are wolves in sheep's clothing. Rene, you are an inspired writer with a clear message to Christendom-that is, exposing the lies that priest, pastor, minister alike should reevaluate their own "missions" to see if they are God appointed or man anointed!
David Moore 

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