A Songwriter's Guide to the Lennon-McCartney Catalog
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Dancing About Architecture reveals how J&P's very first song, “Love Me Do,” showcased from the start their individual songwriting fingerprints; how John contributed to the quintessential Paulsong, “Yesterday”; what makes a Johnsong a Johnsong and a Paulsong a Paulsong; and, among other things, the DNA linking such different songs as “She Said She Said” and “Good Day Sunshine,” “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” and “She’s Leaving Home,” and “Norwegian Wood” and “The Fool on the Hill” among many others.

Dancing About Architecture traces the individual fingerprints of J&P on each of their 162 collaborations from “Love Me Do” to “The Long and Winding Road,” from the simplest structures (“Please Please Me” and “I Saw Her Standing There”) to the more complex (“Getting Better” and “Happiness Is a Warm Gun”) to their culmination in the Abbey Road medley; and provides thumbnails for the structures of each song.

Dancing About Architecture is about songwriting more than songwriters and for songwriters more than fans, tracking as it does the expansion of their repertoire through each musical discovery from song to song, album to album, and triumph to triumph until elanem were sitting on top of the world.
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Boman Desai grew up in Bombay, but has lived most of his adult life in Chicago. After studying Architecture and Philosophy, and getting degrees in Psychology and English, he was set to become a market analyst when a chance encounter with Sir Edmund Hillary, his earliest hero, brought him back to his vocation: writing novels. He took a number of parttime jobs ranging from bartending to teaching to find time to write. He got his first break when an elegant elderly woman personally submitted a number of his stories to the editor-in-chief of Debonair magazine in Bombay. The stories were all published, but the woman disappeared and her identity remains a mystery to this day. He has since published fiction and non in the US, UK, and India. His work has won awards from the Illinois Arts Council, Stand Magazine, Dana, Noemi, War Poems, and New Millennium (among others). He has taught at Truman College, Roosevelt University, and is currently on the faculty of the Stonecoast MFA program at the University of Southern Maine. He has published five novels, the best known of which are The Memory of Elephants and TRIO. Among other things, he is an amateur musician and Brahms scholar. He may be reached at boman@core.com.

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