Out of the Maze Into the Labyrinth
Out of the Maze Into the Labyrinth
A Collection of Personal Essays
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Labyrinths reach into prehistory and have no geographic cultural, or religious limit. As medieval times passed, labyrinths fell into disuse. In recent times labyrinths have emerged as spiritual tools, a modern mode of worship and have brought with them a sense of peace, comfort and rest as one walks the labyrinth's path, stops to meditate, reflect or think deeply.
There is so much to life; struggles, challenges, conflicts and/or a sense purpose one hasn't yet identified. Writing your labyrinth experiences may help you find your way. When confuse or lost pick up a fresh page and a pen, start to write. Think of possible themes from a time when you felt "the rug was pulled from under you" or were confident. Include suggestions-celebrations, illness, death of a friend, loss of a job, financial stress, parents, troubled children young or older, divorce...the list goes on. Write a prayer to/or monologue with God. For those wanting more information about personal essays consider the suggestions on the opening pages of this volume or study the Table of Contents it will furnish countless possibilities for personal essays.
On holidays and weekends in summer the author often stayed with grandparents. At home, she sat with her father to hear tales of Dad's youth. As she grew she found herself writing of family incidents she had been told. Through time images continued to settle in Virginia Ward's plentiful library. There were books of grandchild memoirs, and writing guides for the young and the mature.

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