Sammy the Tin Man
Sammy the Tin Man
Saddle Stitch Softcover
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This book is dedicated to all the young boys and girls who have lost a mother or father at such an early age in their lives. I have been a teacher for 27 years and have come across so many saddened children who longer had a parent who they loved and missed dearly. This is a difficult subject for children to deal with, and a lot of people do not want to broach the subject. As a former teacher, I feel this subject needs to be dealt with. I want to let young children know that life does go on when they lose a parent, but they are still part of a family unit and are very much loved. It is difficult to lose a parent at any age which I have recently discovered, but dealing with the subject and talking about it can be therapeutic. Death is a part of life, and there are no rules about when a person's time is up.

Sammy was a real character who was a student of mine. His father died when he was 10. Sammy did play a part in our fifth grade production of The Wizard of Oz at 162. Our principal Mrs. Durando always encouraged the arts in our school. Sammy was a cheerful boy with a little sadness about him. He seemed to fight this sadness with his out going behavior. I promised his mother I would take good care of him as I did his brother a year before. Sammy did a super job as the scarecrow, was noticed by his peers as being a wonderful performer, and shocked all the teachers in the school including myself, with his special talent. His mother had no idea, he had no idea, and if it weren't for this fifth grade performance, no one would have realized the great talent this young man possessed. Thank you 162 and Mrs. Durando for helping this one young man. His goal after graduating high school was to persue an acting career and attend college. We saved a family. The creative arts are so important for children for many reasons. I myself had school phobia and only seemed to come out of my shell when I was performing. Children read better, focus better, socialize better, and seem to thrive when they have this type of outlet. The system is failing in this aspect. The education system needs to see the arts as an integral part of education, not as an extra curricular activity. I have seen the difference in children, children who were falling by the wayside, failing, being labeled as learning disabled or a behavior problem, suffering, or whose multiple intelligence happened to be in the area of the arts.

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I have taught in the elementary school system for 27 years. I have actively participated in author's workshops and later have implemented my acquired skills into the classroom. My literacy workshops have involved read alouds with books that included characters that have faced many challenges in their lives. Besides read aloud and book club discussions ,children in my fifth grade classes have acquired good writing skills, and have developed writing techniques of many of their favorite authors.

I just read the book "Sammy the Tin Man" by Lisa C. Ockun i actually brought tears to my eyes. No matter what age you are when you lose a parent it takes piece of your heart, but you know that they are always wth you holding your hand. I totally recommend this book to people of all ages it is a wonderful written book.
Madeline Gair 
Mrs. Ockun read this book to class 5-329.
I love this book! This book is inspirational and teaches readers the importance of moving on. I recommend this book to readers of all ages. One would not regret reading this book.

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