The Old Serpent Chained
The Old Serpent Chained
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The sword of Revelation delivers the deadly wound to the first beast, but will the deadly wound be healed as foretold?


Do Christians truly understand the nature of the kind and compassionate Father as described by Christ?  Do those Christians who consider themselves to be the disciples of Christ in the world today really know how to judge what is of God's spirit as opposed to what is evil?  Not many Christians understand the lesson of calling fire from heaven, and in fact a great majority of them would still make that same error in judgment today for which Jesus rebuked his disciples over two thousand years ago.


Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and what greater way is there to corrupt people absolutely than to have them believe that they are on God's side in a war against the unbelievers?  Are Christians today armed with the Word of God as their defense against the deceiver warned in the book of Revelation?  Or will the future deceiver instead arm himself with the Word of God to use as the very instrument of their deception?


Now the time indeed has come for both Christians and Jews alike to judge for themselves what is the holy nature of the Father's kindness and compassion, and what could only truly be adjudicated as the cunning works of evil.

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After having a waking vision of Christ suffering on the cross, the Son of man had several dreams which eventually led to the revelation of the mystery of Jesus the Christ.

Four (4) only because of the type setting and presentation - and - due to the (mitigated) restraint of the author in making more extended commentary (but totally understandable and in keeping with Mat 7:6, 23:8 Five (5) otherwise. Kabbalah. Recommended to anyone concerned with the frustrating "contradictions" and "hypocrisy" inherent in the "Old Testament" and modern "Christianity" and who is therefore antagonistic toward Yeshua (Jesus).
Glenn Gould 
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Son of man  

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