Love Beyond Rainbows, Grandpa Has Cancer
Love Beyond Rainbows, Grandpa Has Cancer
Saddle Stitch Softcover
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The story is written as a gentle, encouraging and faith-based explanation of Grandpa's experiences with cancer and its treatment. The story is a testament to the importance of family relationships, spirituality, faith, humor and the capacity of children to understand the importance of comfort and love. Love Beyond Rainbows, Grandpa Has Cancer, is written as a tribute to the author's father, Gilbert George Haven, who faced cancer with the strength dignity, grace, humor, wisdom and faith in which he lived his life and always sought "higher ground."
Sometimes when we go home after a treatment Grandpa doesn't want to play as much because he gets tired. Those days, we take a nap together. When we nap, I tell Grandpa stories until he falls asleep. I know Grandpa is asleep when he snores. Grandpa snores real loud. I wake Grandpa up to tell him that I can't sleep. Grandpa says he can't sleep either because my snoring is too loud! Grandpa smiles and I laugh because we both know little boys do not snore. When Grandma hears us giggling, she tells us to hush and rest. We tell Grandma that her snoring is keeping us awake. Then we all laugh.
Gayle Jeanine Haven has found her true passion in writing after years employed as an elementary school teacher, analyst, coordinator and supervisor. In addition to authoring children's books, Gayle has written an extensive collection of poetry for adults. Gayle has been published in Stars in Our Hearts and local newsletters. A proud Michigan native and graduate of Oxford High School and Ferris State University, Gayle states “Sailing on Lake Huron and working on my Grandparents' farm imparted an appreciation for nature, animals and self-satisfaction gained from the results of hard work. Michigan grounds me. It's where all of my favorite people are.” The author said "I live with my life's best work, the 3 beats of my heart, children, Mckenzie, Alexander and Garrett." A brown tabby cat, Tekoah, claims the family when hungry or in need of ear rubs. The author finds inspiration in everyday experiences indicating "My writing has been strongly influenced by family, travel and the accidental life experiences I've been thrown into. Always, the way people treat each other fascinates.” In addition to Love Beyond Rainbows, Grandpa Has Cancer, Gayle Jeanine Haven has written a collection of short stories for children addressing delicate topics with care and sensitivity and more comedic works demonstrating relatable humor for sheer entertainment and silliness. Look for Love from Both Houses: My Parents Love Me Beyond Divorce, Aunt Kasha and Scrooged! My Uncle George coming out soon.

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Saddle Stitch Softcover
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